We’ve got the blues

A calm, peaceful atmosphere.

From airy azure to bold navy, blue has long held a special place in interior design. In the home, calming blue recalls the ocean with its soothing energy and powdered hue, like a stress repellant. Not just a popular fashion choice, expect to see this serene hue taking up space in our homes too as it creates a comforting cocoon. In fact, a bolder version of blue was selected by Sico as the 2023 Paint Colour of the Year. Same goes for Bétonel, who recommend using this refined blue to create a calm, peaceful atmosphere. And who could forget about blue jeans — a material that goes with everything and complements the 70s earth tones that have been making a comeback. Tried and blue.

Vitamin C(olour)

Chameleon-like, elegant and wild shades.

No colour was more prevalent during our visit earlier this year to the Salone de Mobile de Milan than bright orange. Energizing and playful, 2023 will see straightforward and unapologetic orange taking centre stage. The warm citrus hue has a fiery side, a colour that flirts with red. Retro yellow has also made its triumphant return, more robust than the buttery version we’ve been seeing everywhere lately. 

Whether used sparingly to jazz up a plain room, or all out on walls or key furniture pieces, orange and yellow are unfailingly great together. These chameleon-like colours buck convention, veering from elegant or wild. They’re so much more than just a passing trend. Yellows and oranges are taking over every room in the home but expect to see them become more toned down in years to come. Have you had your dose of vitamin C yet?

Green, never envious

Eternally fresh and endlessly versatile.

They say it isn’t easy being green, but we believe otherwise. Green is here to stay. The current décor trends feature plenty of moss green, a colour that goes with everything since its muted hues suit all decors. We’re witnessing the rise of emerald, which reminds us of the raw energy of the 90s. In the fashion world, the colour is everywhere, but we’re starting to see it make its way into the world of interior design too. This royal hue catches the eye, energizes the living room or bedroom, and brightens up more neutral decor. Greens complement blues, oranges, and yellows, marking a return to the earthy tones that take us back into nature. Whether you prefer soft and understated or neon and vigorous, green is eternally fresh and endlessly versatile.

In a perpetual, neutral state

The proof that neutrals make the space feel delicate.

While vivid colours en vogue, neutrals are forever. Beige creates a common thread and opportunity to work colourful accents into a space. Dark brown occasions comfort and warmth, conjuring chocolate, walnuts, or the earth.  Pastels like pink and peach soften any setting. Consider this the proof you need that neutrals make the space feel delicate, and work with a variety of colours and materials. Think of them as a versatile canvas, the backdrop to your colour story.

Pantone setting the tone

The right colour for all the free spirits among us.

The Pantone color of the year 2022 has been a favourite of fashionistas this past year, but it hasn’t been met with quite the same appreciation in interior design — yet. Slowly but surely, we’re starting to see it appear in furniture and accessories. We’ll be monitoring its popularity closely, especially considering just how well the shade fits with other emerging colour trends.

For 2023, Pantone decided to move away from blue, by coining Viva Magenta as its 2023 Colour of the Year. This vivid red’s brick and fuchsia undertones hints at what’s to come. Viva Magenta is replete with colour, passion, ardour, and excitement. This sophisticated scarlet exudes strength and passion, the right colour for all the free spirits among us. Inspired by cochineal red, one of nature’s oldest hues, you’ll love how this bold, bright colour spurs creativity.

With earth tones and vibrant colours having a moment, the 2023 colour palette is set to be energizing, joyful, and eclectic. We’re seeing a return to retro colours with a modern twist, colours that work beautifully with beloved neutrals. Invite a splash of colour onto your walls, your furniture, and accessories, the easiest way energize your home and lift your spirits. 

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