Want to create an eclectic look by combining vintage and new pieces? The secret to making this combination work is to focus on balance for a cohesive and orderly look. Find our tips to give your home that unique character.

Set the stage

First of all, you need to know if you are incorporating modern pieces in an old setting, or old furniture in a modern look? Then, you need to define the atmosphere you want to give to your decor: cottage, minimalist, retro, cozy, classic?

Accent chairs, mirrors or lighting fixtures are precious allies to reinforce the charm of the old with the new.


The Naila accent chair and the Nedra lamp live together with an antique-style chest of drawers.

A good balance

When it comes to mixing styles, keep in mind the principle of “less is more”. Indeed, the vintage / modern duo is a winner if well balanced. Sometimes, a single decor object is enough to change the overall mood of a room. The key is harmony, we don’t want your interior to look like a museum!

If the vintage furniture is the centerpiece of your room (for example, the bed in the bedroom or the table in the dining room), the key is to incorporate modern accessories or accent furniture around it.

Play with styles

Mixing styles can also be done by diverting an ancient object from its primary function, to give it a more modern use: suitcases as side tables, a piece of sewing furniture as a desk, a fireplace as a bookcase…

In the dining room, chairs are the furniture of choice for mixing styles. Around the table, contemporary seats are mixed with older ones. An easy solution that will be the object of all eyes!

The Elkom console table turns into a desk with a vintage style seat. Added to the decor, an antique style amphora.


The power of lighting

If you have exposed brick, moldings or beams, don’t overlook the power of light to enhance them. Add a modern lighting design to your décor to contrast with the architectural elements, which serve as a backdrop to your décor.

Materials and colours

Hues and textures go a long way in helping you embrace the mix of styles. If your décor includes many modern and antique elements, choose a more neutral colour palette to avoid clashing. Also, raw materials like wood or cotton are great additions to balance out an eclectic décor.

Combining both styles can also be done with paint. In fact, DIY enthusiasts love to give second-hand items a makeover with trendy colours like sage, terracotta or linen…


In the living room, the Nuage modern and modular sofa is a perfect match for a vintage coffee table.

We all have old objects with a strong sentimental value that we don’t want to part with. Integrating them into a contemporary decor can make your home truly unique! Moreover, combining vintage and modern is an economical solution to refresh your decor. Try for yourself

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