Timeless Quality

If fast fashion (or fast decor) is here to stay, then it’s only normal to feel slightly overwhelmed by the vast options available to us. Lately, it seems that as consumers, we’re more inclined to make thoughtful choices and turn to quality products that last. After all, who even wants to change up their sofa every two years? If we treat our interior design in the same way we treat our clothing, then we may begin to see a widespread return to quality, craftsmanship, and durability.

But what makes a piece of furniture timeless? Simply put, it’s a considered and well-constructed item that looks good in any era, able to hold up to everyday wear and tear. The Nathan collection, for example, was designed with these principles in mind. It’s all clean lines and a few embellishments. This ultra-resistant collection also caters to a variety of different aesthetic preferences. Let’s borrow a concept from the fashion world to style it: high-low dressing. Choose luxury quality pieces to elevate a room, then accessorize with lower-cost items and artwork that fit with of-the-moment trends. 

Nathan modular sofa

The Makings Of A Classic

Knowing what makes a piece long-lasting is easier than you think. The first thing you want to look out for is its style. Take inspo from Eckhart, go with simple pieces designed with clean lines and no frills. Avoid ornaments wherever possible and opt for furniture designed in soft tones that can easily adapt to numerous colours. 

Think of timeless neutrals like grey, tan, ecru, or navy—you can never go wrong with chameleonic shades that blend in with the decor. You can also choose organic materials that stay pristine for a long time. 

Finally, nothing says quality better than local: Canadian-made furniture is a great way to support your community. Moreover, you won’t tire of thoughtful pieces like a Nicolas dresser. What could be more classic than furniture built in your corner of the world?

Canadian-made Nicolas dining table

Not-So Bland Materials

Let’s take a closer look at some of the materials that define a piece as timeless. First, there’s leather, which tops the list for being both durable and fairly low maintenance. Leather softens over time and is mess-resistant, able to endure a red wine spill. From the dining room to the bedroom, leather furniture in natural colours is timeless, refined, and comfortable.

Currently, rattan is also having a moment. Its soothing, natural hue suits virtually any style of décor and infuses every room with timeless elegance. Whether used in a seating or accent storage furniture, rattan is astonishingly chic and a touch bohemian.  

Then there’s wood. Just about any type of wood is timeless. From oak to walnut, all-natural woods are forever trendy, especially with raw finishes.

Esono leather bed

Neutral And Versatile

To create an eye-catching look that will last and last, decide on key furniture in natural tones. Think earthy, organic shades you’d find in the great outdoors, like browns, beiges, greys, or blues. These colours are effortless to match and can be elevated with more colourful accessories—not to mention easier to change once a new trend catches our eye. You’ll be amazed by how a light gray sofa gets a whole new identity altogether just by adding a throw blanket or a few colourful cushions.

Versatile pieces are also an excellent solution for those resistant to change. Modular sofas adapt to various spaces and are reconfigurable, able to comfortably fit into rooms big or small. How freeing! You’ll be able to furnish several rooms with the same couch, a cost-effective solution that creates a common thread across all the décor.

Multi-purpose furniture will forever be a wise buy. A small bookcase that holds documents and paperwork can also double as storage for winter gear like scarves, hats, or gloves. Choose furniture that can be used in multiple rooms—it’ll serve you longer and take on new life in another setting.

Natya bookcase

Quality, simplicity, and versatility are the essentials of a timeless home. By focusing on elegant materials and neutral colours, you can create a solid foundation over time and accessorize as trends—and your tastes—evolve.

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