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It’s no wonder rattan is timeless. With its calming light tones and natural texture, rattan furniture has a way of creating a feeling of Zen in your home. It comes from a durable, fibrous plant and is transformed into cane or woven into seating and furniture accents. Strong, versatile and elegant, rattan works with every style and taste—including yours.

Modern storage

Featuring a natural elegance and openwork doors in rattan, the Natya collection's storage units are both stylish and functional. They will be the focal point of your bedroom or living room.


Trendy and comfortable

Cozy and super comfortable, chairs and accent chairs in rattan oozing styles. Featuring a woven rattan seat or back, they truly capture the beauty of the caning technique.


The warm touch

Lamps, mirrors, cushions... rattan is also used in decorative accessories for a delicate touch that soothes the eyes and creates an enveloping atmosphere.


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