Clean lines, neutral tones, and minimalism—so last year. These days, we’re leaning into bright colours, bold prints, and (lots of) drama. It’s time to welcome the charms of boho-glam charm into your home.

A brief history of glam

Glam aesthetic emerged in the 1930s, just before the mid-century aesthetic took hold. Inspired by the extravagance of Hollywood’s Golden Age, glam was made famous by renowned interior decorator Dorothy Draper. The look borrows from art deco and mid-century modern. When combined, they create a unique and contemporary look. Boho-glam’s casual modernism is rooted in a bold mixture of bohemian and glamorous trends.

Living in colour

Boho-glam is a charming aesthetic that lets vibrant colour do what it does best: make a major statement. Feeling extra? Paint your walls, style with colourful furniture, or sparingly on small decor items. Strike the right balance in pastels, dark saturated colours, or rich, vibrant hues to create surprising and delightful contrasts. We love seeing colour combos like orange and turquoise, fuchsia with emerald green. Incorporate metallic accents for some extra shine.

style glam bohémien dans le salon
Elryn accent chair, Sachi modular sofa, Elin cushion, Niran coffee table

Winning combinations

What boho-glam does so well is bring together, well, everything. Think velvet with rattan. Wood and glass. Metal accents and linen fibres. Rugged leather with cool marble. Because when it comes to boho-glam, the only rule is anything goes. The key to unlocking the aesthetic is playing with unexpected combinations and using a mix of complementary but opposite materials. Go for something elegant and luxe, then tone it down with a more demure counterpart.

Boho-glam’s casual modernism is rooted in a bold mixture of bohemian and glamorous trends.

Plenty of room for plants

It wouldn’t be boho-glam without plants—and we mean lots of ’em. Large, luscious palm plants will add charm to the space. So will hanging plants near a window or light source. If you don’t have a green thumb, don’t worry. Invest in high-quality artificial plants. Your guests will be amazed—and none the wiser.

design glam bohémien
Elian bookcase, Nathan accent chair, Areca Palm artificial plant

Deco to the max

Boho-glam’s motto is more is more. Pile on the drama, accessories, colours. Sashay away, minimalism because it’s maximalism’s turn now. What you’re trying to achieve with boho-glam is a space brimming with excitement, but in an “organized chaos” kind of way. The next time someone says “less is more,” tell them that’s not always the case.

boho glam tendance déco
Meuble TV Natya, vases Nea et Neama

Boho-glam, Mobilia style

This spring, our boho-glam campaign showcases this combination of luxurious glam and sweet bohemian, an eclectic aesthetic that finds beauty in the madness. Our team worked tirelessly to bring you several products that fit this budding trend. After intense research, hours and hours of brainstorming, and more mood boards than we have wall space for, an idea crystallized, setting the tone for the art direction. And so, it’s been decided. Our boho-glam campaign is all about freshness and fun vibes.

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A unifying and joyous trend, boho-glam is an opportunity to let your tastes shine. Let yourself be guided by tastes and desires. You’ll surely decorate an interior as unique and colourful as you.


  1. Carol Klassen says:

    I believe that the blue sectional sofa featured on Scott’s Own Vacation House beach cottage was sourced from Mobilia. Is this sofa still available? I can so picture this in my small living room.
    Thank you for your help.

    1. Hi Carol, indeed, it must be our Elkin modular sofa in blue.

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