Turns out this natural material is yet again a must-have design trend. But fear not, because it’s come a long way from its campy “Florida” origins, evolving from what it used to be 30 years ago. Today’s rattan is chic and modern and will provide any high-end interior design with a feeling of true Zen warmth.

Rattan comes from a durable, fibrous plant and is transformed into cane or woven into seating and furniture accents. Strong, versatile and elegant, rattan works with every style and taste—including yours.

The correct names for the suitable materials

Though rattan, bamboo, and cane may look similar, they are unique in their own right. The first comes from the climbing palm of Southwest Asia, a hardwood with a fibrous core. Then the second, which is not a tree but rather a type of grass—the largest grass in the world with a hollow stem that can measure up to 30 metres high. And finally, the last one, which is the result of braiding rattan’s reed, an intricate technique that dates back several hundred years.

Tips: How To Incorporate Wicker And Rattan In Your Home?

The many benefits of rattan

Though at first glance rattan may seem delicate, this material is quite the force of nature. It’s as sturdy as anything and, if properly cared for, has the power to last a lifetime. It’s not unheard of to find mint condition rattan furniture from the 1940s or 1950s. Its strength can be attributed to the fact that it comes from a durable plant—in sourcing Rattan, it isn’t the entire plant that is harvested but rather its climbing vines. Once these get cut down, they regenerate quickly. But most of all, rattan is a flexible material that’s resistant to tension and pressure which gives it the ability to hold its shape for a long, long time.

Bookcase Natya

Oh-so-versatile rattan

Are you looking to add contrast to a stark or industrial type of interior? Rattan furniture can help provide cold décor with ample warmth. If you’re more the type who wants to create a room that feels like a cozy cocoon, spruced up with vintage accents and retro-chic appeal, then guess what: there’s a rattan piece for you, too! Rattan also goes well with a predominantly black and white room, and it can create a cozy vibe in a majorly metal and glass enclosure. If you’re looking for a piece with plenty of versatility, consider rattan in all its variations.

Nightstand Natya

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Accent materials

Rattan lends an exotic, refined personality to any room of the house. Place an accent chair with a wicker seat and back in a room to bring a discreet and elegant touch. Discover the delicate Natya and Norah collection, which can brighten up any room with their Scandinavian blonde wood and wicker-accented details.

A feeling of true Zen warmth with rattan | Mobilia
Accent chairs Norah, console Natya

If you’re like us, you’re ready to welcome the return of rattan with open arms. Lightweight but sturdy material with bohemian vibes. Best of all, it’s a style that works for virtually any room, bedroom to the living room and the dining area. In other words, if you’ve got a room, rattan furniture is a great choice.

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