What is the modern organic style?

An organic modern style décor juxtaposes natural shapes, colours, and elements against a sophisticated yet contemporary canvas.

Juxtaposition of complementary styles

The organic modern style borrows elements from a multitude of currents and combines them into a whole greater than the sum of its parts.

The space is free of all artifice in a nod to minimalism. The clean lines of the furniture and the warm materials of the Mid-Century look – such as wood, textiles and cane – evoke the soothing atmosphere of another era. The Boho look has its place with playful patterns and a bit of greenery. Even the Danish hygge way of life, with its knitwear, candles, and sources of comfort, is in the spotlight.

Bench from Naema collection

More than a list of criteria, what defines the modern organic style is the impression that emerges. That of a pure, undistracted, and warm environment, where one finds all the inner calm of a walk in the woods.

5 essential elements of modern organic style

The common thread of organic modern style is its powerful continuity. The environment, the materials, the lines, the colors: all these are one, without following a rigid framework.

  1. Neutral and discreet colours

A restrained palette serves as a backdrop for the rest of the décor. Variations of white, off-white and cream provide a bright, contrasting background to the natural elements. Rich, nature-inspired color accents such as deep gray, powder pink, cool blue, boreal green and mustard yellow surprise the eye.

The reverse works just as well. In a boldly colored setting, a beautiful Elkin off-white fabric modular or Enea beige fabric chairs bring a little calm and balance.

Enea beige fabric chairs and Esma dining table
  1. An uncluttered space

Keep it simple. Choose your accessories and decorative objects carefully. Hide anything that doesn’t fit your overall vision in baskets, cabinets, and drawers, like those on the Natya TV stand, which combines ash and rattan.

Elton modular sofa

The highlighted elements should breathe and have plenty of space. The absence of artifice contributes to the peacefulness of the room. Consider incorporating a wall mirror to create the illusion of a more spacious environment.

  1. Furniture with clean lines

Look to Mid-Century modern furniture, favoring those that incorporate softer, more subtle materials, fabrics, and colors. Look for combinations of straight and curved lines that are reminiscent of what is found in nature.

The tables, chests of drawers, benches and chairs of the Naema collection are the perfect example; their rounded contours and the warm appearance of their suar wood inspire tranquility.

Nappa collection
  1. Greenery and nature

The modern organic style naturally lends itself to hosting living elements. Plants of all kinds find their place here, from indoor palms and broad-leafed philodendrons to bamboo, herbs, and potted plants.

The addition of color-coordinated glass or ceramic vases in neutral tones offers another way to personalize the space. If you don’t necessarily have a green thumb, decorative plants offer realistic and low maintenance alternatives. 

Whether live or artificial, plants encourage both cohesion in the décor (by integrating shades of green in different areas) and add depth (through the variety of leaf textures).

  1. Layered natural textures

Nature is full of details to observe, wonders that gradually reveal themselves to the eye. Likewise, combine elements of scenery with different textures to encourage visual exploration.

Emeric collection

Rugs, throws and cozy cushions, ceramic vases, a stone table and wooden fixtures: juxtapose textures as if they were different pieces of a living puzzle. Pair soft, natural fibers like linen, cotton and rattan with bold, solid objects.

The modern organic style skillfully blends the peacefulness of nature with the refinement of modern design. Its clean lines, soothing colors and rich textures coexist harmoniously to create a timeless ecosystem in which to live.

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