Medium-dark wood

While wood appeals with its timelessness, medium-dark colours accentuate its natural character.

Rich contrasts to light interiors

Pale wood floors have been popular since the mid-2010s, as have Scandinavian, contemporary and minimalist interiors that favour lighter tones.

This is a great backdrop to introduce some warmth and contrast with medium-dark wood furniture and accessories. Earthy palettes of brown, ochre, terracotta, mocha, and espresso create a warm and inviting atmosphere.

Recommended wood types

Nymm bedroom

Solid and strong without being overly heavy, Thai suar wood has a lovely contrasting colour grain. This design lends itself equally well to bed bases, dressers and nightstands, as demonstrated by the Nymm collection.

If you prefer a more uniform look, the walnut veneer used in the Eckhart collection produces a more subtle retro effect.

Red oak is known by woodworkers as being flexible to work with while allowing for precise curved shapes. This is the wood species used to carve the legs and elegant arms of the Nolra fabric accent chair.

Showcasing wood’s natural grain

Medium and dark colours highlight the natural grain and imperfections that make each wood item unique. Admire the mesmerizing patterns of the Nuri side stool: all you need is an artificial plant and a few matching accessories to add a little exoticism to your decor.

Rustic textiles and shag

A new vision of the shag of yesteryear

Forget the big, burnt orange wall-to-wall shag rugs that were ubiquitous several decades ago! Today’s fluffy, felted, long-pile textures take the form of carpets, throws or cushions instead. These tactile elements add variety and a lush feel to the decor. The effect works just as well with neutral tones as with bright colors.

Shag carpeting-friendly rooms

Areas where there is less traffic, such as your bedroom, office, and those where you are more likely to walk barefoot, are ideal for shag carpeting. This will make it easier to keep dirt and food from gathering in the fibers.

Feeling your toes sink into a thick shag rug as soon as you step out of bed is a simple joy to start your day.

Other tactile textiles

If shag doesn’t make you want to curl up in a cozy cloud, you can substitute it with other textures to stimulate your senses. Check out the Native collection: a raw cotton throw with bangs and hand-woven sea rush yarn wall decorations are just as inviting.

Choose natural fibers

Natural fibers are generally more durable than synthetic materials and retain their fluffy appearance longer. Run your fingers over the fluffy 80% cotton surface of a Nizel cushion to feel the difference.

Smoked and coloured glass

Expose glass objects to natural light or accent lighting to project their colours and create captivating shadow play.

Mysterious and ethereal

The application of coloured powders or exposure to smoke during glassblowing enriches and personalizes each piece’s look. The result can be as cold as it is warm, as clear as it is almost opaque, as bright as it is subdued. There are so many possibilities to create your dream decor.

Dare to stack glass

Displaying several glass objects in close proximity enhances their transparency. Consider putting together a few colourful glass vases or bar accessories and old-fashioned glasses in similar colours for a chic, put-together look.

The Wenzel tempered glass nesting table set is another example, where the dark gray becomes even richer with the layering of the arranged tables. You can also opt for objects in various contrasting shades.

Glass furniture

Glass also offers a host of benefits when used to make furniture. A single pane of glass can be skillfully bent to produce intricately shaped glass side tables, like those in the Waina collection.

The transparency of glass helps to visually de-clutter the space, an asset in cramped rooms. Finally, it pairs beautifully with warm metals. Wanya tables are an example of this, with their retro look and glamorous style that leave no one indifferent.

Wanya Collection

It’s likely that other 1970s memorabilia like stains, stripes and animal prints, velvet and chunky leather chairs will gain in popularity. But the three trends above offer a great starting point for combining the friendly charm of this landmark era with 21st century aesthetics.

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