Throw or blanket: what’s the difference?

Blankets are designed for the bed, while throws are designed for humans.

Different purposes and sizes

Depending on the season, blankets are used to stay warm or dry during sleep. They are therefore sized to fit standard bed sizes and prefer materials that breathe well, such as cotton, bamboo and certain artificial fibers.

Throws are mainly decorative. Whether placed on a sofa or at the base of a bed, they add style to your home decor with their colour and patterns. They are generally smaller in size: just big enough to wrap yourself up for a movie night or to act as an extra layer on cold winter nights.

How to choose the right throw?

The perfect throw is different for everyone. Here are a few things to consider.

How to Choose a Throw Blanket for Your Home

Most common throw materials

Because throws don’t need to conceal sheets or tuck under the comforter, they come in a much wider variety of materials than blankets.

  • Wool is a popular choice. This hypoallergenic fabric is both warm and durable. With proper care, it will maintain its appearance for years. It can also be combined with synthetic fibers for a silkier, more natural texture, just like the cozy Esbella model.
  • Cotton throws are known for their softness and rustic character. It’s a material that breathes well and retains its softness over time. Check out the Native model’s bangs and Native American weave-inspired patterns.
  • Cashmere is a wool from mountain goats that live in the region of Kashmir in India. This luxurious material is lightweight, incomparably soft, and traps heat very well. However, cashmere throws are expensive and require careful maintenance.
  • Synthetic fabrics such as polyester and acrylic are economical, durable and reproduce a multitude of textures, from fluffy fleece to knits. Some models like Enila are particularly easy to care for and can even be machine washed.

Throw sizes

Unlike blankets that fit single, double, queen and king-size beds, there are no standard throw sizes. Most models are 50 x 60 inches (126 x 152 cm), but there are also smaller ones and slightly longer ones designed to cover the toes.

How to match throws and cushions

Don’t go for perfect colour and pattern coordination – you’ll get a more natural and stylish result.

Use an oversized throw as a base

This optional step adds depth to your arrangement, especially on a sofa. Cover your furniture with an oversized throw. Choose a neutral, solid colour or one with a subtle pattern to serve as a canvas, like the Native.

Choose three colours

Look at the walls, rugs, curtains and furniture in your room, then identify three recurring colours (primary, secondary and accent). From there you can create a cohesive look or go against the grain.

For example, a cohesive look would have a throw that matches the dominant colour, a large pillow in the secondary colour and small pillows in the accent colour.

If you want to go against the grain: choose a throw in a contrasting accent colour to the furniture so that the throw stands out. For example, if you have black furniture use a white throw.

How many cushions and throws?

Odd-numbered arrangements – such as three or five cushions and a single throw – inspire modern character. A small number of large items creates a more striking effect than an abundance of small ones.

Conversely, even numbers – like four cushions or two throws arranged side by side – promote symmetry and a traditional look. Arrange duos of similar-sized objects to reinforce a sense of calm and balance in the space.

Combine different patterns and textures

As long as your items feature at least one colour from your layout, indulge in patterns that appeal to you. Choose a solid or muted-looking throw to make your pillows stand out more, or if you prefer, feature a bold throw and opt for more blended pillows. Juxtapose smooth, rough and fluffy textures for added depth.

3 throw trends to watch

what throw trends to watch for this year

Solid colour throws

A fabric in a deep, rich colour evokes simplicity and elegance while providing a chic contrast to its surroundings. Check out Nomo, which is simple and elegant with its pink corduroy pattern.

Traditional throws

Classics never go out of style: checks, stripes and zigzags are as much a part of Scandinavian-inspired decor as they are of more traditional interior decors. Nitta‘s tartan-like pattern is a perfect example.

Knit throws

Coarse knit throws evoke the softness and nostalgia of old-fashioned hand-knit blankets. Their distinctive texture is equally at home in minimalist and rustic settings.

Give yourself some added comfort by incorporating a well-chosen throw into your living room or on your bed. This addition promises to be as pleasing to your eyes as it is to your body!

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