When my partner Lorenzo and I found our new place in Huntington Beach, California, to say it needed a little love would have been a gross understatement (see mirrored walls circa 1980). But with a little demo, a fresh coat of paint and some gorgeous new furniture, all of our beach house dreams came true; and I could not have been happier with the result.

What I love most about my modern beach house is that there is an unpretentious feel to it. We live busy, hectic lives and while I love design that inspires and stimulates, it’s refreshing to be in a space that truly puts you at ease. Whenever I come back here, all my stress and anxiety just melt away.

That being said, you do not need to live by the beach to adopt this easygoing aesthetic

Beach House outdoors
“What I love most about modern beach house style is that there is an unpretentious feel to it”

Here are my 5 tips on how to bring a little beach style into your home:

1 – First and foremost, modern beach house style should be effortless and understated
Beach house Jura dining
The focus of the Dining room is the beautiful Jura Dining table; a piece of art in itself.

White-walled interiors should be tastefully minimal with bold artwork, and informal, retro-inspired furniture. The key to executing this look? Edit, edit, edit! Keep your styling sparse and simple nothing should be too cramped or crowded.

2 – Start with a lighter colour palette inspired by the sea and sky to give your space a breezy feel

Then, layer on a complimentary pop of colour or two. The unexpected use of colour will keep the aesthetic playful and avoid looking too clinical or serious.

3 – Choose furniture from a wide range of styles

My favourite thing about modern beach house style is its laid-back eclectic nature. Pieces in similar shape, colour palette or style, can be combined for an easy, feet-up feel. Avoid anything too bulky or too precious.

4 – Bring the outdoors in by adding elements from nature

Having a few plants in the house helps bring in that California sunshiny feel. Lacking a green thumb? Succulents are always a great low-maintenance option.

5 – Last but not least; don’t forget to add a touch of whimsy!

Accessories make the home so don’t be afraid to add your personal touch. Whether it be vintage photographs, a quirky collectible, some tongue-in-cheek elements or even a surfboard! Find a cool way to display it and let it serve as a great talking point for guests.

beach house living room
“While we love everything about our sanctuary in the sun, the living room has to be my favourite space. This is because of the wow factor that came from hanging Lorenzo’s surfboard!”

More tips from Janette for creating the perfect Beach House Style décorBeach house style native sculpture

Stick with a neutral palette while adding a few fun pops of colour!

Amp up the relaxing feel with comfortable furniture and luxuriously soft textiles. Add in soft textural elements like fluffy fur pillows for the couch and a cozy knit throw

When you think “Beach Style” you might automatically go to palm trees, coral accents and rattan but beach house style doesn’t always have to translate so literally!

Keep the furniture relaxed with a slight rustic, modern touch

For more ideas on creating your very own beach house style, check out Mobilia’s Pinterest Board!


Beach house style Pinterest

Beach House styleJanette Ewen, Interior stylist and The Style Blog collaborator (at Mobilia, we just LOVE everything she does!)

From her start as an MTV set stylist to her successful career as a designer, design editor, TV host and ambassador for brands such as Moet, Mobilia and PANDORA Jewelry, Janette has continually sought to entice audiences to design their own eclectic experiences and celebrate life to the fullest. Janette’s personal mantra “stay interested, be interesting” guides her exciting life—full of design, travel and creation. Janette’s adventures and passion for style and good taste have been featured in the LA Times, Nylon Magazine, The Globe and Mail and House and Home magazine.

As a design partner at Parker Barrow Design studio, Janette is “over the moon” to be creating spaces that would find a happy home in her fast-paced, whimsical life.

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