The holiday season is all about shopping sprees. A frenzy that usually lasts well into the New Year. Why wait for Boxing Day sales to buy yourself a little something when you can enjoy an additional 50% discount on all discontinued decorative objects at Mobilia?

Get an additional 50% off the last ticketed price of all our discontinued decorative items, on or in-store. This promotion ends on December 21st.

Whether it’s to decorate a festive setting or to offer as a gift, Mobilia has a wide selection of decorative objects on sale that have been grouped together into four categories. Discover a variety of low-priced gift ideas suited for all tastes, budgets and lifestyles.

Typically feminine

We love rosé wine, museums and the theatre. Soft pink hues and pastel colours take centre stage in our sophisticated decor, featuring soft textures and embellishments. Spoot wallpaper is perfect to tone down the room, while the Neiva Winter Osier sandalwood- and cedar-scented candle adds a nostalgic feel.

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Masculine virtues

We love fashion and luxury. Our interest in European travel, tech devices and matching accessories, like this iPad case, is greatly influenced by our passion for architecture and design. Our Spoot office lamp helps us come up with all our bright ideas. Some of our favourite hobbies include visiting museums, eating in a good restaurant and sipping a gin and tonic.

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Deco lover

We love a room that combines comfort and elegance. Fur, velvet and mirrored items, such as this Ewen Deco mobile, add a touch of charm and luxury to any setting. Time to pop open the champagne!

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Bohemian by nature

Our life revolves around travelling and the world is our oyster. We are passionate about all that nature has to offer and our environmental awareness dictates all our actions. Between our cultural activities, we enjoy cuddling up with a cozy throw, sipping a delicious ginger drink and enjoying our favourite Buddha bowl.

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Visit us online or in-store to discover all our discontinued decorative objects on sale. Hurry, before we’re all sold out! This promotion ends before Santa comes to town.

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