In our first installment of Creative Directions, Denmark trained Architect Kim Pariseau of Appareil Architecture lead our creative teams with her passion for organic designs, sleek objects and simple constructions. Our second installment saw Mobilia’s president, Johannes Kau share how artisans in India are reclaiming centuries old architectural elements to create one-of-a-kind objects of beauty. Now, in the the third installment of Creative Directions, designer Christine Dovey imparts her signature onto velour and shares her ideas on how to create an authentic and eclectic decor by combining elements from Mobilia’s “Four Worlds“.

Creative Directions: Velour

Dovey’s space was designed to portray movement and the eclectic essence of furniture and objects that have been collected and arranged over time.  Graphic and organic lines coexist in a masterful mishmash of pieces, creating a modern, bohemian vibe. The contemporary velour-adorned furniture showcasing metallic accents is paired with a raw wood table set on a geometric patterned carpet & cowhide rug.

How to create an eclectic decor

“Even though I often tell my customers not to replicate window displays and to opt for collection pieces over time, step by step, the variety and richness of the Mobilia worlds (Euro, Wow, Natural and Spontaneous) make it possible to create magnificent ready-designed living spaces”.

A crown jewel among fabrics

Driven by a passion for fabric and texture, Dovey has a special affection for the luxurious, versatile nature of velour. “Depending on how we look at it, velour can be romantic and luxurious or bohemian and relaxed. In the environment that I created, where different textures coexist, I wanted to evoke the appeal of simple luxury that everyone enjoys.”

Get inspired by our Velour Lookbook

Velour Lookbook Velours
Chistine’s bohemian, chic and sophisticated take on velour

Christine Dovey, Jasper, Malcolm and Scarlett
Christine Dovey with Jasper, Malcolm and Scarlett

Christine Dovey is a published stylist, decorator and artist whose signature aesthetic can best be described as a blushy cocktail of delicate pretty mixed with a dash of modern edge. She believes that the most beautiful things in life are worth waiting for and that great design should feel like a gorgeous art exhibit…personal, collected and memorable.

When she’s not immersed in writing her blog, creating design plans or covered in paint, Christine spends her days in Oakville, Ontario with her husband Ian and children Natasha, Scarlett, Malcolm and Jasper.

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