Second installment in our Creative Directions series, Mobilia’s president, Johannes Kau talks about his adventures in India and the local artisans who are transforming reclaimed architectural elements into one-of-a-kind objects of beauty.


The furniture and accessories that make up the INDIA collection are made from repurposed building elements.  The abundance of discarded architectural elements is the result of a fast-track urban renewal phenomenon, which entails demolishing entire neighborhoods to replace them with modern equivalents.  This widespread phenomenon is happening throughout India, and manufacturers are salvaging building elements from former residences, places of worship, as well as public buildings and transforming them into furniture and accessories.

Directions Créatives INDIA - Johannes Kau dans le Jaipur / Creative Directions INDIA - Johannes Kau in the Jaipur

“The modernization process in India makes it sometimes difficult to preserve certain elements of its architectural heritage. During one of my visits to Jaipur, I was intrigued by a large workshop at a bend in the road. Inside, I discovered a fabulous space, where artisans brought to life beautiful pieces which would, without the intervention of this family-run business, be destined to disappear ” – Johannes Kau

The workshop site includes six huge warehouses where a wide variety of salvaged materials are stored.  In it, Johannes was astounded to find an assortment of ornamental beams, window and door frames as well as entire collections of decorative architectural elements.  The artisans who work at the site, assemble each piece by hand and make the various decorative objects with the help of basic woodworking tools.


Johannes and a small team of Mobilia buyers spent time with the workshop’s owner and his family, who have been living and working in the Jaipur area for over 30 years.  Breaking bread together, they shared stories of discoveries made on their journey across the majestic country that is India.


Directions Créatives INDIA - Architecture Typique / Creative Directions INDIA - Typical Architecture    Directions Créatives INDIA - Gros Plan Porte / Creative Directions INDIA - Close look at door    Directions Créatives INDIA - Outils de base / Creative Directions INDIA - Basic ToolsDirections Créatives INDIA - Mains / Creative Directions INDIA - Hands Directions Créatives INDIA - Marché à Épices / Creative Directions INDIA - Spice Market Directions Créatives INDIA - Enfants / Creative Directions INDIA - Children Directions Créatives INDIA - Marché / Creative Directions INDIA - Market Directions Créatives INDIA - Magnifique Porte / Creative Directions INDIA - Beautiful Doors

The world of INDIA is filled with unique pieces, visit us in store to experience the collection.

Creative Directions is an ongoing collaborative project we turn the spotlight on distinguished guests.
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