In collaboration with the company Hullabalook, Mobilia has recently launched a new DESIGN preview tool on its website. The goal? Create a custom room and arrange furniture and accessories to get a scale preview.

Meeting our customers’ needs

After identifying the needs of our customers when shopping online, we felt that it was important for them to visualise their space: choosing the right products with the right dimensions, the right choices of complementary products, match products, colors and materials… So we worked with Hullabalook, a European company, to develop an online preview tool…

With DESIGN, our customers can now choose the furniture and accessories in store, play with the colours and textures, design the space to their liking, visualise the final result and continue the shopping process by adding the products to their cart. DESIGN gives an accurate, to scale idea of a finished room’s look so customers know what to expect before completing the purchase. 

How to use the Design tool?

1. Personalise your space

Adjust the height and width of your room. Then choose the colour of your floor and wall.

2. Bring your room to life

Add some furniture to your space, then complete the room with the accessories of your choice…

3. Save and share

Once finished, download an image of your room or share a link with whomever you choose.

4. Add to cart

L’aperçu vous plaît? Ajoutez facilement les produits à vo

Pleased with your creation? Easily add the items to your shopping cart and recreate your design at home.

Start designing your space

An easy and useful scaled overview that allows you to combine different collections and create a room that suits you, without overloading it.