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Have you ever heard of the saying “the grass is always greener on the other side”? What if it wasn’t? We become so mesmerized by what is foreign and different that we forget to enjoy the beautiful possibilities that our local communities have to offer. That is why, on June 24th, on Quebec’s national day; we decided to stay local and discover the activities that our province offers. Enter our contest, find details at the end.

Contest Results!

Thank you to all our participants that entered to win 2 Épicurien package tickets. Congratulations to our winner: Hélène Bourret! Keep an eye out for our next contest on our Facebook page and mobilia.ca for your chance to win.

With its antique farm buildings and with its outstanding wine colors present all around, Domaine du Ridge seemed like the best place to enjoy a day filled with education, tastes, local friendships, and treats for the eyes. So sit tight, you might just end up wishing you were there too!

We started our day with a guided tour of the vineyards which expanded over 200 acres. We witnessed how wine is made and discovered all the different types of vines that they grow. We learnt things during this tour that truly peeked our curiosity. Did you know that roses are a good indicator of fertility and growth? Neither did us! In fact, the guide explained to us that they use roses to forecast whether or not their vineyards will be healthy. Why you wonder? Well we aren’t about to ruin your future Domaine du Ridge experience by telling you now!

Following the tour, we were spoiled with the refined tastes of wine that brought richness and delight to the pallet. They were explicit! We even learnt how to properly taste wine. Domaine du Ridge is family friendly. If you have an underage family member or friend, do not worry. Although they cannot taste the wines, they are welcome to participate in all other activities!

We ended the day with a beautiful picnic under the enchanted terrace where we enjoyed locally produced foods which complemented all varieties of wine perfectly. Take a lot of pictures, the view here is breath taking!

We could not have asked for a better way to spend la St-Jean! We left with our pallets satisfied and with new knowledge on vineyards. Most of all, we left feeling accomplished and proud for having supported a local enterprise. Enjoy what the world has to offer you, but don’t forget to also enjoy what makes your community so beautiful and special.

We would love to hear what you think! Comment who you would like to bring to Domaine du Ridge and get the chance to win 2 free Épicurien package tickets of a value of 110$ to experience all of the wonders that this local company has to offer!