When Mobilia was presented the opportunity to be discovered by Vancouver interior designers and architects, we thought of Gillian Segal, the founder of a local interior design firm. It was love at first sight. Gillian joined the Mobilia team as Creative Director for the launch of our new velvet collection, and produced two vignettes showcasing our products. In her most recent blog post, Gillian writes about her experience working with us for this project.

Collaborating with design experts: we love it!

The team working on Gillian’s emerald vignette.
The team working on Gillian’s emerald vignette.

We can’t deny that we were immediately taken by this designer and her knack for pairing chic and cozy pieces.  As she so elegantly explains, the two vignettes that she imagined are very different from one another. The first is “sexy, sophisticated and luxurious,” while the second has a more casual, contemporary look.


CREATIVE DIRECTION… with emerald backdrop

Small spaces, big ideas for this installation, which optimizes on the look and functionality of more restricted living spaces. With the cozy Sadie fabric chair as centerpiece, Gillian plants a retro-chic décor that showcases the velvet.

This clever design fits well in different rooms throughout the house: the library, living room or even as a reading corner in a bedroom. “I have to say the Ewen Style screen might be one of my favourites,” Gillian says.“I love that it not only provides visual interest but can provide privacy in a small or intimate space.”


Vignette by Gillian Segal – On emerald backdrop
Vignette by Gillian Segal – On emerald backdrop

CREATIVE DIRECTION… with white backdrop

“Sometimes I think velvet gets a bad rep for being overly formal or overly feminine, so in this concept I wanted to create a scheme using velvet while maintaining a casual vibe and a gender neutral feeling.” An assembly of neutral tones punctuated with blacktop gives a more manly character to this voluptuous fabric.

Sketch by Gillian Segal for the vignette with the white backdrop

Added as an accent piece with the Scott fabric chair or the Sana ottoman, velvet creates a relaxing and welcoming living space that never gets old.

It isn’t over!

Gillian Segal

We had such a wonderful time working with Gillian that when the Vancouver Interior Design Show (IDS West) team contacted her to be the artistic director for their “VIP” visitors’ relaxation area, she thought of us to furnish the space. We obviously couldn’t refuse… and so the adventure continues this week in Vancouver for the Mobilia team!

Head over to designer Gillian Segal’s website for more inspiring chic and modern projects. You can also follow her on social media such as: Instagram, Facebook and Pinterest.


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