Where do you start if you’re planning your “look” for the holiday season? I always start with a theme. Pick a fun one. For example, I hosted a vintage 1930’s Christmas party last year. A theme will shape the décor, cocktail menu, food, invites, gifts, music, and even the scent of your home.

For 2014, the top holiday themes all have a classic or nostalgic twist. Think Charles Dickens, Hollywood in the 1950’s, or even a rustic cabin from the turn of the century. Here are a few of my other favourite tips for having a chic holiday season

Decorate a nostalgia tree!

Sure high-design trees look great and are ideal as the main tree but consider having a fun second Christmas tree (perhaps located in the entryway). Gather all those ornaments you made (or loved) as a child and trim the tree. This will bring back so many memories that you can share with the younger ones in your life.

Remember more is more when it comes to décor. Turn to classic styles for inspiration: sugared fruit, dried oranges, magnolia leaves, silver bells, silk tassels, and pomegranates all have a luxe and ultra-glamorous appeal.

Holiday Tables

When it comes to holiday tables, make the décor work with your theme and don’t be afraid to go a little over the top.

Use vintage inspired wallpaper or wrapping paper as a table runner. Place glass ornaments and an ornate candelabra on the table. For additional sparkle, consider layering mirror tiles on top of the paper. When the candles are lit there will be twice the glow. If you are going for more of a rustic look try using burlap as a table runner and topping it with birch wrapped candles. Browse Mobilia’s wide selection of decorative objects here.

Place cards are always a nice added touch, consider making your own. Write your guests name on a festive tag and tie it to an ornament, place one at each spot, your guests will know where to sit and can take the ornament home with them as a gift.

Party Time!

Consider hosting a “classic’ cocktail party for friends and family. Break out décor, food and drink ideas from the original era of the cocktail (1950s). Decorate in muted holiday colours that pack a retro-vibe. Serve 1950’s holiday classics (like cheese balls, California Dip with Potato Chips, Flaming Cabbage, and Turkey Cranberry Mold). I would suggest buying vintage copies of Good Housekeeping magazines and pulling recipes from them! You can even source antique or thrift stores for vintage tableware and glasses (remember those old fantastic champagne glasses)… and don’t forget the eggnog!

Final tip…

Having guests for the weekend? Set the guest room in style: make sure the linens are fresh, leave a water carafe on the side table and leave the latest magazines or a favourite read for your guest. I also like to make sure the powder room and guest bathroom are well stocked with all my favourite soaps and lotions.

Janette Ewen, Interior stylist and The Style Blog collaborator (at Mobilia, we just LOVE everything she does!)

From her start as an MTV set stylist to her successful career as a designer, design editor, TV host and ambassador for brands such as Moet, Mobilia and PANDORA Jewelry, Janette has continually sought to entice audiences to design their own eclectic experiences and celebrate life to the fullest. Janette’s personal mantra “stay interested, be interesting” guides her exciting life—full of design, travel and creation. Janette’s adventures and passion for style and good taste have been featured in the LA Times, Nylon Magazine, The Globe and Mail and House and Home magazine.

As a design partner at Parker Barrow Design studio, Janette is “over the moon” to be creating spaces that would find a happy home in her fast-paced, whimsical life.

Janette’s fans enjoy keeping up with
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