We love hosting during the fall and winter seasons…and having guests over and welcoming them to a beautifully adorned home is all part of the fun! Impressing with simple touches is easy and changing up the look of your space makes it feel all the more festive.

One of our favorite things to do during the fall, other than gulp down pumpkin spice lattes, is to receive the people we love at home. Preparing a nice meal, sitting around a beautiful table and laughing the night away… it doesn’t get much better than that. Wowing your guests with a gorgeous table is actually very easy. Once you get the knack of it, you’ll find inspiration in so many places depending on the season.

Make everyone feel reunited

Start off with the main piece, obviously the table. Although you’ll be placing plates, cutlery and decorations, a good quality table can make everyone feel reunited. Think about upgrading for a large dining table in order to spaciously fit people. Comfortably sitting your guests around a beautiful piece sets the moods just right and makes everything you set on it look that much better. Opt for comfortable dining room chairs, perfect for lengthy dinners.

A good quality table can make everyone feel reunited.

Reflect your own personal style

Afterwards, go ahead and pick a theme for the season and make everything revolve around it. Rich cranberry colors, gold glam, rustic metals…pick something that reflects your own personal style as they all make for an interesting yet welcoming ambiance.

An easy yet affordable way to instantly upgrade your hosting table is with an eye catching decoration. Choose from a large vase, ornate tray or candelabra. Place tall candles for a real wow effect that will light up the entire table. Get creative with your décor and try new arrangements. Get a large vase that can transition throughout the seasons ; fill it with pumpkins in the fall and pinecones and garlands in the winter…it’s that easy.

Get a large vase that can transition throughout the seasons.

Even better for those before dinner moments as everyone is catching up with cocktails before heading over to the dining room. As the host finishes up preparing, let people move stools around as they need!

Small preparations make for large effects when it comes to hosting, so set some time to really embellish your space and make it reflect the passing seasons. Then invite family and friends and enjoy time well-spent.

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