Do you own a small condo, or you simply have a room at home that is tiny? Here are some tips to maximize that space using multi-function furniture.

First thing first, storage

Look for furniture and accessories that, on top of their primary function, offer storage in a space that is otherwise unused or forgotten.

End table with storage NENZI

For example, the inside of an ottoman can be used to store your throws, cushions or magazines, while the space under your bed can be used as storage the same way a dresser could.

It’s all about versatility

Modular sofas are great for rearranging spaces. They’re better suited for small rooms than sectionals because you can choose the number of components. You can switch, swap, rearrange and reconfigure the pieces in any way you like – tthey’re also easier to get through narrow doorways, passageways and staircases.

ELLEMIA modular sofa – Photo credits: @london.kade

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Finally, play with your space!

Glass and resin pieces can help you design a great space. Their see-through structures and delicate lines make them light and aerial pieces that will never make a room seem too busy.

Use all the height available. Walls are often loss space: set up some shelves, or a bookcase.

Add some nesting tables that you can pull out or put away easily, according to your needs, next to an accent chair or sofa.

Finally, create a dining corner with an adjustable table that can be made bigger when you have guests over.

Glass dinette table WALLIE, accent chair ELVEA and glass nesting tables WENZEL

Try our DESIGN tool with your room dimensions and get a scaled view of your favourite items.

Your room will feel brighter and larger with the help of these handy tricks. Find our selection specially designed for small spaces on and even more tips on the blog.