For this first few years living in our home, this area stumped me. It’s right next to our formal front door but it was a long and wide space between our mudroom and living room. For a long time we had a large single chair with a side table. During the Christmas this area displayed our Christmas tree… and after years of living in our home, I decided how I wanted to set this area up: a sitting area!

We partnered with one of our favourite Canadain home interiors stores, Mobilia were I used their newest DESIGN tool. With the online DESIGN preview tool, you can create a room that reflects the idea you have in mind. All you need to do is choose the furniture and accessories, play with the colours and textures, then design the space to your liking. DESIGN ensures all your home décor projects are successful, every time!

Here’s a preview of what I came up using the design tool for our sitting area.

Kassandra’s new decor

I love the bouclé texture of the Evella ottoman, it serves a purpose in so many spots within our home.

The Wyle swivel accent chairs are super cozy, deep and I love the vel vet texture! The Niran wood coffee table brings lots of warmth to our space while keeping our home feeling very organic.

Which piece is your favourite? I love them all in different ways, but most of all, these furniture pieces are ones that will be with us forever. They have been throughout our home in so many ways and that is what I call a great piece of furniture!

Kassandra’s picks

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