People have always had a love affair with leather, and this noble and stylish material adorns many Canadian interiors. But this season, it is coloured leather that is all the rage! Let’s take a look at this trend.


The influence of the 1970s is visible in the now popular ochres, oranges and browns. Also in style are shades associated with royalty, such as emerald green, midnight blue and purple. Another colour trend that began a few years ago and seems to be enjoying a long life is pastel colours, which are also omnipresent in the realms of fashion and design. But there is one colour that is definitely leading the trend in coloured leather right now and for years to come… In the modern furniture industry, that colour is cognac. A rich, deep and luminous colour, it’s the new must-have for leather!

In the modern furniture industry, that colour is cognac. A rich, deep and luminous colour, it’s the new must-have for leather!


The love affair with leather was in evidence at Milan’s Salon del Mobile. It could be seen in classic pieces of furniture like beds, sofas and ottomans, but also applied to other types of products like cushions, lamps, bookcases, benches,frames, and so on. It’s a really creative approach to accessories.


In contrast with the fashion industry where the trend is toward shinier leather, it is leather with a matte finish that is increasingly used for furniture. We’re also seeing different types of leather, each of which has its own special qualities and effects but also particular issues. Since people buy leather expecting it to last a long time, here are some tips for making informed purchase decisions.

There are many steps involved in the process of leather production, but it’s at the finishing stage that leather acquires its distinctive look and feel. At Mobilia, three types of finishes are available: aniline, semi-aniline and pigmented.

Aniline finish

An aniline finish is the closest thing to leather in its natural state. A transparent coating is used to highlight the hide’s natural surface so the pore and grain structure is clearly visible. But since this leather has no protective layer it is vulnerable to sunlight and stains. Aniline leather has a splendidly elegant and authentic effect, but it requires care to keep it looking its best.

Semi-aniline finish

The semi-aniline finish is very popular because it resembles aniline leather but it has a translucent coating of pigment which hides flaws and enhances durability.

Pigmented leather

Some of Mobilia’ sofas are made from pigmented leather. In this case, the skin has an opaque coating of pigment which obscures some of the natural character of the leather but is very suitable for pieces which will be heavily used because it is very resistant and requires little maintenance.


So there’s a type of leather for every budget and every taste. Furniture made witleather is super versatile. It can add a rustic touch to some decors or suit a chic and modern interior; it lends itself both to a bohemian look and an elegantly trendy one! It pairs beautifully with all types of wood, soft-coloured and natural fabrics as well as decorative objects or lamps.


Leather is also being embraced by various industries and especially by the restaurant business, where you can see it being used for banquettes and other types of seating. All the major fashion brands have launched their own leather clothing, accessories, shoes and handbags. Automobile makers are offering leather car seats as an option.

Local businesses are embracing leather and the way it lends itself to use in artisanal creations:

Their famous aprons will be on display at the Salon Maison & Objets in Paris this year. Their stunning coloured leathers have to be seen! Beautiful innovative office products that combine leather and felt.