Are you looking to add some sparkle to your decor? There is nothing like a mirror to embellish a room and bring incomparable luminosity! The mirror is a functional accessory that will look great with any decor!

Before you start looking for the perfect mirror, think about its function. Whether you would like to make the room look bigger, accentuate the room’s brightness or add a touch of glamour, the options are endless. We offer a wide variety of wooden mirrors of styles ranging from round, square, rectangular or stickers!


You can replace a frame with a mirror – you simply need to find the right model to suit the room’s style. For a classic look, we love mirrors with wooden rectangular frame or ornamental designs such as the ELSO models. For a modern or eclectic style, we would choose between a wall mirror and an irregular shaped-mirror like the SAPA.

You will also find more and more furniture pieces with reflecting finishes on the market, such as dressers, night tables or chests. The mirrored surface on a piece of furniture contributes in instantaneously creating a chic and original effect. Curious? Go take a look at the VICTORIA mirror bedroom furniture collection.

Where to put a mirror to make a room seem bigger?

Not only do wall mirror decorations for living rooms heighten the appearance of the area and complement the other elements in your decor, they also have a functional aspect.

Would you like to brighten up your room? Place the mirror in the house so that it reflects an existing window which will better distribute natural lighting in the space. Avoid positioning it to face areas you wouldn’t want to emphasise, such as a dark corner, a door, etc.
Do you want to create an illusion of height and make the room look bigger? A high vertical style will help you do this. Choose a long horizontal wall mirror that will cover most of the wall or corner to create an illusion of continuity, like the RECYC model. A smaller mirror or an arrangement of two well-positioned mirrors can also provide the same effect. Choose SUFFA, a round suspended mirror.

For a similar effect at little cost, we recommend stickers! These small stickers for mirrors decoration will add a mirrored effect to any piece of furniture or decorative object that you already own. Some stickers can also be fixed to a wall to light up a dark corner, enhance the decor or make a room look bigger… Little effort – great results! You will surely impress many guests with this touch of fantasy.

Finally, remember that it’s all about style and personal taste when it comes to wall mirror decoration ideas… You just need to let your creativity flow so that your choice truly reflects your personal style!

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