Consider that there are three big approaches to wall decor: texturing, highlighting, and customizing. Of course, these overlap. For example, acrylic paint on canvas will create texture, especially if large, rough brush strokes are used in the painting. Hanging a bicycle or, for a clean look, an iron ornament will add a bold personal touch. A large evocative canvas above your bed, sofa or on the wall adjacent to your dining room table will draw the eye and, depending on the illustration, bring energy to the room. Read on for room wall decor inspiration…

Best wall art ideas for a minimalist, mid-century modern living room

Your living room, den or family room are great opportunities to hang a modern canvas or metal art panel on the wall.

Choose a focal point to direct the eye. This way, you’ll draw the eye away from the wiring and electronics and onto your new sofa. To bring this idea to life, hang a large painting behind your sofa, very low at eye level, to create visual continuity. For item ideas, visit our website. We have canvas reproductions, such as prints and paintings, as well as metal wall art. Perfect for a mid-century look!

modern wall decor ideas mobilia
NATIS paintings on canvas (set of two)

How do you decorate a large blank wall in a room, like the one above the sofa?

Opt for a large wall decor canvas or a grouping of small to medium-sized decorative paintings. If you need to brighten up the space with more light, consider incorporating one or more mirrors.

Wall art contributes to interior design just as much as your furniture, lighting, and accessories.

Designing walls in a bedroom to create a peaceful accent decor

The master bedroom, the children’s bedroom and your guests’ bedroom should be calm and restful.

NOIRA print on canvas

We particularly recommend that you work on harmony. Consider horizontality in your paintings, and abstract art and nature themes to incite relaxation at first glance. Canvas prints should match the dominant and most prominent secondary colour in your decor. Match the background colour of your painting perfectly with your accent wall.

While we’re on the subject, is your bed’s headboard leaning against the bedroom accent wall? If so, consider hanging the canvas, picture, mirror or decorative panel 4 to 6 inches above the headboard.

How to decorate a bedroom with grey walls using Pantone colours

Grey walls have a deepening effect. Add canvases of the same hues with or without yellow or gold accents to create texture and invite light into the space. Mirrors will also be your allies. Conversely, you can cozy up the space by using contrast on your accent wall.

Do you want to design your walls in a to-scale preview? Try our new digital DESIGN tool to create a space to your liking.

Wall-hanging art inspiration for the modern dining room

For the dining room, you find many similar possibilities to the ones in the living room and bedroom.

mobilia modern dining room wall decor ideas
WARANY painting on canvas

The dining room also calls for “taking a break” and probably contains large sections of the wall to dress up. Consider a gallery of canvas prints to honour the trend. Invite black and white to your table, literally. Add oversized paintings and striking images or give your reception room a boost by adding mirrors and metallic gilding.

To amplify the impression of having space, play on the verticality of the wall decor.

The trend is towards comfort, harmony, and a clean look.

How to display decorative plates and accessories on a wall

For a different look, group your baskets, plates and other wall accessories on a contrasting wall. Have the confidence to combine wicker baskets and mirrors without hesitation. And, to add plates to the wall, use double-sided tape or springless hooks.

Using art to dress up your home office walls

Your workspace should support your professional activities: focus, creativity, confidence, and more. Classic simplicity is still a good move, so try to keep the room uncluttered.

Focus on comfort by choosing a quality chair with good back support and a soothing decor. Most importantly, display a canvas that will create a sense of depth above your workspace. If your desk is leaning against a wall, your eyes will be able to relax by releasing the focus.

SORGIA print on canvas

Let your personality and the nature of your work functions guide your choices. Abstract art and soft colours can help with avoiding distractions. Colourful paintings and faces, on the other hand, tend to warm up the space. Geometric shapes, for instance, are often popular among those with rational minds.

How to decorate a small office wall

For narrow walls and office spaces in general, opt for asymmetry and originality. Mix accessories and install them in an unconventional place. Remember this to help stimulate your creativity: two decorations are better than one canvas.

Given this range of possibilities, does every wall need to be decorated?

No, balance is key. Wall art contributes to interior design just as much as your furniture, lighting, and accessories. We encourage you to select beautiful items without overloading your space. Remember, the trend is towards comfort, harmony, and a clean look.

Create a world of your own by expressing style: Wow, Euro, Natural or Spontaneous.

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