This is where multifunctional and transformable furniture shine with creativity. Here are the main attractions of these surprising creations and some solutions to consider for your decor.

The benefits of multifunctional furniture

Whether it is because of its versatility or because it can fold, extend, or be reconfigured, a multifunctional or transformable piece of furniture fulfils multiple roles at once.

Wyon extendable table

You save space

A versatile piece of furniture saves space, which is useful in confined areas. For example, a single person or a couple living in a studio could keep their extendable dining table in “compact” mode for free movement but extend it fully for a dinner party.

This type of furniture also helps to declutter the room visually, resulting in a clean and refined decor.

You save money

You usually need to invest more in transformable furniture: the complexity naturally increases production costs. This option is still a bargain compared to buying two, or even three, individual pieces of furniture. You’re free to use the money saved to enhance other elements of your decor, or even purchase a more luxurious multifunctional piece.

It sparks curiosity!

Each piece of multifunctional furniture has an appeal that can’t be measured in centimetres or dollars: the joy of using it every day. Such objects show pure genius in their design and are sure to surprise your guests.

Whether it’s by deploying the removable tray of your coffee table or accessing the cleverly integrated storage of your ottoman, it’s highly satisfying to activate the mechanisms and hear the “clicks” of the various components falling into place.

4 ideas for transformable furniture

Sofa bed and small space sofa bed

Futon, sofa bed, sleeper sofa: whatever you call it, it’s probably the first piece of transformable furniture that comes to mind. And rightly so!

If you only occasionally host people overnight, there’s no need for a full guest room – a sofa bed in the living room will do just fine.

A modular and fold-out model like Espe provides as much comfort and the same modern lines as our most popular modular sofas. With a few movements, it transforms into a cosy and spacious 61 x 89 inch bed, more than a Queen size mattress. Tuck away the cushions in the handy integrated storage space.

In very small spaces (or if you want to accommodate one more person), a single leather sofa bed like the elegant Weaver model is surprising. At first glance, it’s a stunning contemporary chair with a typically Italian look. Simply flip its back to reveal a single memory foam mattress.

Multifunctional table in the living room

The attractive and functional Elkom table is ideal for your relaxed “TV, movie and pizza” evenings. It can also serve as a workstation for your laptop, courtesy of its height-adjustable hydraulic tray. Its chic look with walnut veneer and Italian marble-effect ceramic surface blends with all decors. Its two sections can be raised by a telescopic mechanism, revealing integrated storage space and offering solid shelves at an ideal height.

Extendable dining room table

An extendable table is flexible and can be quickly modified to fit your current needs. For solo meals or dinners for two, a solid oak round Natya table is big enough to lay out your cutlery. Adding a butterfly leaf allows for up to four additional guests when the occasion arises.

If you need more space, the Wimzy model with a matte grey thermally coated metal base comfortably accommodates four people. Unfold the additional sections at the ends to extend the length from 47 to 71 inches – enough for eight diners. Its elegant marble-effect ceramic and glass surface is scratch-resistant, easy to maintain, and ideal for large gatherings.

Ottoman with integrated storage

Ingenuity is also simplicity. The durable synthetic fabric Eller ottoman readily takes on multiple roles: rest your feet on it while on the couch, turn it into an extra seat, or tuck it under a console table when not in use. Remove the two sections of its removable lid to access the integrated storage spaces. Then, flip the same sections to create two perfect wooden serving trays for transporting your appetisers, cocktails, and wine glasses at aperitif time.

Multifunctional furniture delivers ultimate practicality while maintaining a stylish appearance, enhancing the functionality, comfort, and luxury of each compact room. Browse our comprehensive range of solutions for smaller spaces and uncover clever designs that are perfectly tailored to your living situation.

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