There are two ways to approach a getaway to New York City, that ever changing, 24/7 metropolis: either you plan your itinerary hour by hour to be sure not to miss a thing, or you walk around and let yourself be spontaneously inspired by all the city has to offer – which is exactly what I did. Here’s what I encountered.

Vessel Photo: Max Pixel

It looks like 2019 is a year for big projects in NYC, starting with Hudson Yards, said to be the largest private real estate development in the history of the United States. It’s a whole new neighbourhood – a very dynamic one with art installations, a calendar of special events, and more than 100 boutiques and restaurants. There are so many things to explore there and you can spend an hour or a whole day just soaking up the atmosphere. Just FYI, the Quebec fashion brand Rudsak has opened its first US store in Hudson Yards – a proud moment!

Vessel Photo: Flickr

The Vessel

Inaugurated this past March, the Vessel is the artistic experience not to be missed in Hudson Yards. It is a remarkable structure consisting of spiral staircases that lead you – 2,500 steps upward – to a view of the city from a whole new vantage point. This dizzying but impressive landmark is a must-see.

Chelsea Market Photo: Pexel

The Chelsea Market

Chelsea Market is a popular New York City destination and a perfect spot for lunch. It is home to some 40 restaurants inside an industrial-style building, which is also the site of various corporate offices including Google’s New York City campus.

High Line Park Photo: nycgo

The High Line Park

To enjoy some green space, there is always Central Park, but you can also stroll through High Line Park, an outing which made our New York City getaway even more wonderful. Developed on a former freight rail line, this elevated linear park boasts stunning landscaping and floral arrangements. It’s a marvellous place to walk, with a vibe very different from that of Times Square, which we visited the day before.

The Cha-Cha Matcha

New Yorkers are renowned for setting trends in design, music, fashion, and other fields. Then there are the fabulous new food trends that have sprung up in the Big Apple. New York is one of those cities where you see hundreds of people walking around carrying mouth-watering matcha lattes! One good place to go is Cha-Cha Matcha. You should definitely give their matcha ice cream a try!

To enjoy some green space, there is always Central Park, but you can also stroll through High Line Park, an outing which made our New York City getaway even more wonderful.

Supermoon Bakehouse

The Supermoon Bakehouse

As far as design goes, my big favourite was definitely the Supermoon Bakehouse, where the pastries are displayed like works of art on a dazzling rose terrazzo counter. The bakery’s iridescent take-out boxes are stacked behind the counter for a striking visual effect.

Supermoon Bakehouse Photo: Goop

The Pietro Nolita 

For the best photos to share on Instagram, the place to go is Pietro Nolita. This Italian restaurant is 100% pink inside and out, from the dining room itself to the napkins on the tables. It’s worth the trip just to see the place, but also to sample the sublime Fisilli al limone!

The Glossier boutique

New Yorkers have a talent for showmanship, as the famous boutique Glossier attests. Known for its beautiful cosmetics, the shop itself is quite an experience. The modern furniture is very stylish with its pastel colours and rounded shapes. But the “wow” effect comes when you place your order: the products descend from the ceiling!

Glossier Photo: Hyperbae


The Oculus

The last stop on my sojourn was the Oculus, a new architectural structure built on Ground Zero. According to Santiago Calatrava, the Spanish architect and engineer who designed it, the Oculus was meant to evoke the image of a “dove of peace fluttering up from a child’s hand.” A major cultural contribution to the city, it conveys a great sense of freedom – and that’s exactly the word that lingered in my thoughts at the end of my New York City getaway: freedom!

Oculus Photo: Pixabay

Speaking of which, I didn’t have time to go visit the new Statue of Liberty Museum, which opened this past May, where the visitor experience is built around the concept of freedom. That will have to wait for my next trip, which I’ll talk about it in a future blog post.

Until then, here’s an account of another inspiring jaunt, this one to Vermont here.

Camille Picard is Social Media Specialist at Mobilia.