Who is the nomadic worker? In the 21st century, your workspace probably rotates from an office, to coffee shop, restaurant, park, or anywhere else you can set your laptop down. Their workspace is wherever they are…this is the nomadic worker.

The perfect location

There has been a huge shift in the way people work, mostly as technology becomes a more integral part of our lives and as a work/life balance becomes more important. There’s the added liberty of choosing your workspace, being able to dash out for emergencies and never tiring of working in the same place.

Many options are available for autonomous or mobile workers these days. Try a new inspiring coffee shop, like Café Tommy located in the heart of Montréal’s’ Old Port. Sip on a delicious coffee and enjoy the greenery and bright open concept. Or check out Breather, which offers short term office rental spaces all over the city. Browse spaces close to you before booking and only pay for the hours you use. Let a new workspace inspire you every time!

Office supplies that work

As your workplace becomes more and more on-the-go, you need office accessories that will keep up with you and make the transitions easier. Consider your laptop case as an accessory, worthy of showing off while still being functional! Opt for the Johann, from our Nomad collection, created by the Quebecer designer Cindy Cantin. It will not only keep your tech items dry in case of rain, but will also protect them from damage…with style!

Organisation of the personal accessories that follow you throughout your day plays a major role as they must be within reach and easy to find.  The Augusta roll-up case is designed for exactly this purpose. Keep in place your phone, crayons, paper and other objects. It’s your perfect ‘’desk’’ buddy to be sure to find everything.

So for those that often work out of office and never seem to be in the same place for too long, get yourself some proper office supplies to keep up with you and stay organized during your outings and professional activities!


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