More than just decorative objects, plants play an integral role in creating your dream home aesthetic. When designing your unique home décor, plants are as essential as furniture and other accessories. Every houseplant lends itself to a specific style, enhancing a room’s ambiance and making it more welcoming.

Four Styles, Many Plants

Nothing short of spectacular, our Wow world offers a simple, linear and elegant look. If you like lacquer, marble and metallic finishes, this is the style for you! Structured indoor plants with structured, minimalist arrangements are ideal for bringing out this décor. Placed in a vase with metallic effects, peonies, orchids or simple greenery go perfectly with lacquer finishes and mirrored accessories, while adding a delightful touch of colour to any room.

If Natural is more your style, you’ll need fresh and down-to-earth shapes that evoke nature in a world that unites organic materials like cotton, linen and wood. Ferns, spider plants and fresh herbs beautifully complement this environment by creating movement throughout the room and enriching its rustic appeal. Ceramic vases or anything made out of natural materials will highlight the Zen features of this world of style.

In love with the mi-century Scandinavian look? Our Euro world is designed for you! Plants such as cacti, ficus and fig trees offer infinite options for introducing texture and shape, while showcasing this elegant, sophisticated and timeless style. Arranged in a corner or next to a big window, other vertical houseplants like philodendron or areca trees serve to create a warm and stylish effect.

Enter our Spontaneous world, and you won’t find anything ordinary. Here, joy and excitement thrive and colourful or surprising indoor tropical plants find the ideal place for giving rise to a fun and eclectic décor. This makes the perfect habitat for bird-of-paradise flowers, while other plants with unusual foliage, like indoor hibiscuses or monstra deliciosa plants (also known as Swiss Cheese plants), blend exquisitely with vivid and multi-coloured furniture. Brass or folded metal vases add an extra trendy touch.

The Virtues of Houseplants

In addition to making your home smell wonderful, plants and flowers possess a number of other virtues and beneficial properties. Just like trees in nature, they release oxygen while absorbing carbon dioxide. In this way, they serve to purify the air inside your house and absorb any harmful gases from outside.

On another practical level, plants help reduce both internal and external noise pollution, helping to create a calm atmosphere and improving the sound quality of your home stereo or movie systems. Plants also increase the humidity levels in your environment. They refresh your space in the summer while heating it up in the winter. As if this weren’t enough, plants also help to reduce the amount of bacteria and mould spores in the air. At the same time, they produce negative ions and thereby offset the positive ions emitted by your devices and home appliances, which may cause certain illnesses. In short, there’s no reason to resist.

To enliven your home décor, nothing works better than a hint of greenery and flowers. You can find countless options of houseplants that fit your style. For more inspiration, check out our Pinterest boards and discover your very own style on our Mobilia site.



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    This is a great post ! Thanks for all the information…very interesting. Some of it I knew but I learned something too .

    1. Thank you Lisa! Glad you enjoyed the article! 🙂

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