At last, style is no longer sacrificed over comfort. Reclining sofas now offer the best of both worlds! It’s hard to beat a reclining sofa in terms of comfort with its adjustable backrest, footrest, and electric features … It’s the perfect place to comfortably watch your favourite series or enjoy an afternoon nap. With their revamped look, the newest reclining sofas will perfectly suit your modern decor.

Wilnoir Reclining Sectional Sofa

A reclining sofa is the ultimate in comfort! That’s why so many people opt for this choice. It creates a small haven to relax and unwind at home.

With the frantic pace of daily life, everyone is constantly on the move. So, when you curl up on your sofa, you should feel warm and snug, as if you were sitting on a cloud. Recliner sofas are great for cuddling, not to mention the excellent support they provide to people with back pain.

Plus, everything is adjustable! It is possible to personalize your comfort by adjusting the position of your legs, your arms, your back, and now your head. Stylish reclining accent chairs to enjoy some alone time are also available.

Nova canapé inclinable reclining sofa

Over time, the look of recliner sofas has changed, which is a good thing! Made of fabric or leather, they offer a more refined and modern design with straight, clean lines, making them much less imposing than before. Actually, placing the sofa as the room’s centrepiece can help create a warm and welcoming setting.


Did you know that some recliner sofas have electric features that can be adjusted with the touch of a button? Also, some models are equipped with USB ports to connect a tablet or cell phone. Some reclining accent chairs also offer this option. Don’t miss the end of a movie while charging your tablet ever again…


Our basic warranty for reclining sofas is 2 years, while our 5-year protection plan covers the leather and fabric against stains, tears, burns, or scratches, as well as the operating mechanisms.

A reclining sofa creates the ultimate comfort zone at your fingertips; it will surely enhance your elegant decor and move those traditional kitchen parties into the living room!

Some of our favourite recliners

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