In collaboration with Montreal architecture and design firm MXMA, we’re delighted to show you breathtaking cottage locations that highlight many products from our collections. Today’s venue is in Mount Shefford – an amazing cottage to get away from it all and be inspired…

A cozy afternoon at the cabin

In the living room, you can enjoy time with family and friends by the fire, in a large, comfortable sofa and with a soft rug to warm everyone’s footsies.

A warm dining area for special occasions

At the cottage, there’s nothing like a large dining table surrounded by chairs, either matching or mismatched, to make the atmosphere of a good meal even more convivial. And to create a transition between the kitchen and the dining room, there is nothing like stools! Choose swivel and leather stools to combine practicality and design.

A softly coloured bedroom

In the bedroom, soft colours, delicate linens and small touches of gold brighten up the room. A bed with a headboard and integrated drawers add charm and practicality to the bedroom. 

A bright and organised basement

When we say chalet, you say basement! To make the most of its capacity, consider a modular sofa that adapts to your space and your desires. Play with individual pieces and colours to create a space that looks just like you!

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