Buying a house can be difficult; but selling one comes with a whole new set of challenges. This is the true obstacle that Home Staging companies face daily.

We often have the misconception that selling a house unfurnished is more motivational and stimulates more creativity to potential clients’ minds. However, taking the extra time and effort to stage your house to clients is exactly what they need in order for them to feel the excitement and anticipation that all new homeowners experience. We were lucky to have gotten the chance to experience this trend in Toronto when Estate Mate asked us to lend them some furniture for a staging project. They furnished a beautiful home and faced the many challenges that all house owners go through when they first move into an empty house. The goal was to make this house feel like a home while remaining chic and intimate.

“If you are not staging your home prior to listing you are missing out on the most significant marketing opportunity available to you when marketing your real estate product”.

The challenges of the Wide Open Space concept

The new and ongoing trend for homes is to have wide and open spaces. Furnishing a home with open spaces can be very difficult. How can you make such a big space look cozy and intimate at the same time? There is no single answer to this question. Think about the room essentials; seating area, dinning space, kitchen, television space, etc. Once you know what you need, place things around and see how it looks. The great thing about open spaces is that you can endlessly move furniture around and in different positions until you find the set up that works best for you and for your space.

Creating intimacy and personality in big spaces

Another challenge of furnishing a house with a lot of space is creating unison amongst rooms and furniture styles. These two bedrooms have unique personalities but still appear to be part of the same house. This is how you can create a sense of belonging and intimacy amongst all of your rooms. Whether it’s the NIDO area rug, the KANTANTE accent chair or the ESTE painting, all these blue accent pieces are common reminders of the rooms’ unison. What gives these rooms a unique personality is the magnificent bed frames or the grand windows.

Chic furnishing without overwhelming your space

It is difficult to furnish a big room without being overpowering. This basement room has much personality and style to it and does so without being overwhelming. It is okay to have a lot of big and attention drawing pieces of furniture like the STEALTH bookshelf. As long as they fit well together and do not make your room feel smaller then you are on the right track!

Room dividers

Large and open places are best suited for an L-shaped sofa in order to properly define each functional area in the room. This ROCKLAND sofa also allows people to know that the area is for lounging and getting comfortable. Another good room divider is a dinner table and chairs. It separates the room while still remaining intimate.

Furnishing a house is no doubt a lot of work. It takes time, patience, and vision. However, the feeling you receive as you see families, couples, and friends imagining and envisioning themselves living in the home you furnished makes it all worthwhile.

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