Give chic a warm welcome. After months and months of cocooning, it’s time for this trend to take back its place in our lives—much to our delight. Get ready to give your space a makeover with the many different textures and materials of chic décor.

Luxurious materials

Fabrics, leather, and wood are all textures just waiting to be used to liven up your space. Because today’s elegance is no longer about creating a uniform look but rather combining different fabrics and textures that complement one another beautifully. See for yourself by pairing the moody, sensual leather of a loveseat with the warm finish of light rattan. Or combine soft velour with the geometric sheen of glass elements. From delicately crafted wood to cool marble’s clean lines, luxurious materials work together to fill your space with understated elegance and warmth.

Calling all colours

When it comes to decorating, colour is your best ally and today’s trends feature earthy tones, like greens and yellows. The thing about colour is that it helps create a room’s ambiance. Colour can be soothing, energizing, or mood-setting—it’s all in how you use it.

The emergence of chic trends means we’re seeing the return of black, a shade that’s making its way to walls and furniture alike. Its solemn but strong personality means the colour is suitable for any room—yes, even the bedroom. And if black’s intensity intimidates you at first, then consider incorporating it in small amounts. Some pieces combine solid black with wood carvings to help give the look a delicate touch.

Other ways colour can be used are as accents to help break up a room’s monotony. We’re talking blue, orange, or gold accessories that brighten up a room effortlessly, especially on rugs, pillows, and wall art. With colour, you’ve got options.

Armchairs are in

Accent chairs are fun ways to elevate your space with a sophisticated touch. Whether you go with a comfortable chair to establish to create continuity or an unusual shape to break up the room, the role that accent chairs play in your home is an invitation to relax and recline. Whether you’re seeking an upright style that’s all straight lines or a chair that knows how to rock, there’s no easier way to step up your space than a spare chair.

Chic, the Mobilia way

Ultimately, it’s up to you to decide what chic décor looks like. To us, it’s all about incorporating accessories and decorative elements that will pile on the elegance—and erase the memory of the last few (and challenging) months. Welcome generous amounts of light with a geometric mirror. Cover flooring with a rich carpet that feels lavish beneath your feet.

Daringly mix modern touches with exotic pieces to create an eclectic style, one that perfectly aligns with your need for renewal. Above all, follow your heart and fill your rooms with swanky details to make your home feel like the luxurious haven it is.

Don’t hesitate to brighten up your room with a bouquet of fresh flowers, a subtle detail with significant impact.

Do away with dullness by giving your interiors a refresh. Mix materials, play with accent colours and go for sophisticated objects for your home. Redefine your décor style and embrace the return of chic trends in your home—and everyday life.

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