Serve the meal on an extendable dining tables tailored to your space

Sharing a meal with loved ones is undoubtedly one of life’s greatest pleasures. It’s even more enjoyable when your guests can gather around the table comfortably. The Elaina table, with its Scandinavian-inspired light-wood finish, is perfectly suited for leisurely meals. It comes with two extensions, so there’s ample room for everyone to gather round. The best part? This piece is proudly made in Quebec! Incorporate a matching buffet in your dining area to create a dining room that gets everyone talking.

Elaina table, Elinor chairs and Elaina buffet

Walnut wood enthusiasts will appreciate the Emory collection, which includes a table, buffet, and hutch in a timeless linear pattern made to appeal to all tastes. With its butterfly leaf extension, this table can accommodate up to 10 people. These well-designed and sturdy pieces are sure to stand the test of time.

Think about modern dining tables for small spaces

When it comes to hosting, don’t let a lack of dining space limit you—we’ve got options. One is the Ellie table, a design that elegantly blends the warmth of walnut with a stylish openwork metal base. For even more compact spaces, consider Nibba. Both of these small tables are thoughtfully crafted for dining areas and can comfortably seat up to four people. Looking to create a joyful atmosphere? Accessorize the room with rattan accents for a warmer touch that’s sure to spark hours upon hours of lively conversation.

Discover the versatility of sofa beds

Entertaining is about more than just the meal—it’s about providing a comfortable place for your guests to rest their heads. Whether you prefer leather or plush fabric, our sofa beds are designed with an ultra-comfortable memory foam mattress. Your guests will appreciate it.

Eidan and Espe are ideal choices for smaller spaces or solo visitors. If you’re hosting a couple, you’ve got plenty of other options available to you. The Eres fabric double-sofa bed may look compact but don’t let its size fool you: it converts into a sturdy, five-inch thick double mattress. Lastly, anyone who needs a good night’s rest will no doubt enjoy snuggling into the Weaver, a leather queen sofa-bed that’s mighty spacious.

Weaver sofa bed

Gone are the days of springy, uncomfortable mattresses. We’re ushering in a new era of smart, multifunctional furniture that doesn’t skimp on comfort or style. The best of both worlds is now possible.

Reimagine your room with a modular sofa

There’s nothing more enjoyable than settling in the living room with loved ones to chat, share stories, and laugh. It’s even better when all your guests can do so comfortably. This is where the magic of modular sofas like the Nathan comes in. This sofa lets you easily configure the space to accommodate all your guests. When the party’s over and everybody heads home, the furniture can easily be placed back to the way it was. If you’re looking to enhance the look and feel, consider incorporating a few colourful cushions into the mix.

In addition to modular sofas, make sure you have plenty of surfaces so people can have their drinks and snacks handy. For this, we love the Edella coffee table, yet another locally-made design from a Quebec-based company that has been specializing in shaping stone for more than four generations.

Illuminate your space with lighting

The key to successful lighting in a small space is having multiple light sources. The ceiling light serves as the entire room’s main source of illumination, casting a bright glow, while strategically positioned accent lamps add ambiance.

For the dining room, be sure to choose a ceiling light that provides warmth—you don’t want it to feel too cold or harsh. One way to avoid that is by installing a dimmer switch. This lets you adjust the lighting to create a moody atmosphere at dinnertime while ensuring your guests can see what’s on their plates.

But, skip the ceiling light in your living room in favour of accent lamps that emit a gentle, subtle glow. Subdued lighting creates a cozy environment that fosters conversation and relaxation. So, dim that overhead light and reach for accent lamps instead, like the Enoko table lamp, available in four colours, or Nasha with its sturdy, solid base and rattan lampshade. Setting the mood starts with lighting.

Nasha lamp, Wenzel console table and Neola accent chair

Benefit from decorative storage

Stylish storage is a smart way to restore order. We’ve got a range of options that offer plenty of storage space without skimping on aesthetic. For example, the Evol is a modular armchair with an integrated storage unit in its armrest—the perfect space to hide wires, remote controls, or other objects that usually take up space in the living area.

The Eller fabric ottoman conceals two large storage compartments beneath its removable top. The Navya side table transforms into a treasure chest where you can place board games, throws or anything else you’re not sure where to store. In the hallway, a storage bench is ultra-practical for putting on shoes and storing accessories.

Decorate with elegance, not excess

Wall art and accessories, the perfect finishing touches that elevate your interior—sometimes, the most carefully chosen accessories can even spark conversation among guests. The trick with styling your room is to avoid overdoing it so that your small space can breathe and benefit from a sense of openness. Go with light wall colours and natural materials such as rattan, glass, or natural wood. These elements help your small space feel much roomier, a clever interior design technique that helps make rooms appear much more spacious.

All in all, entertaining shouldn’t feel stressful, and having the right furniture ensures the experience is easier than ever. An extendable table, a modular sofa, and more will make your home an inviting place for guests to stay. They may never want to leave. The key? Choosing versatile furniture and accessories. Happy hosting!

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