Interiors: The Greatest Rooms of the Century (Pink Edition)

A true feast for the eyes, this candy-coloured book from Phaidon showcases some of the most exquisite interiors of the 20th century. Various architectural styles and influences come to life through its compelling photography—imagery so incredible that it may even spark the urge to revamp your home completely. The book includes insights and information about the evolution of interior design and the art of living in the last 100 years. It also contains tons of inspiration and write-ups of iconic spaces designed by world-famous architects and designers. Read this beauty and learn all about the aesthetics and functionality of contemporary design.

100 Interiors Around the World

Would this even be a must-read list if it didn’t include works from Taschen, the renowned German publishing house? Founded in Cologne in 1980, Taschen has gained international acclaim for its remarkable books, celebrated for their content and presentation. 100 Interiors Around the World is no exception: Every page is filled with impressive design. It features interiors from all four corners of the world, photographed to highlight each region’s cultural nuances and influences. From private residences to awe-inspiring public spaces, this book is the closet you can get to taking a trip without booking a flight.

Contemporary Houses. 100 Homes Around the World

Want to visit homes across the globe? You’ll love this! Taschen delivers another superb book spotlighting homes with different architectural styles, exceptional designs, and lifestyle concepts. The book’s stunning photos will whisk you away into the walls of these opulent and luxurious properties. Let this book serve as a resource for anyone who loves a beautifully designed interior and is curious to learn how architectural design has evolved worldwide, from the United States to Japan.

Design of the 20th Century

When we said we loved Taschen books, we weren’t kidding. This publication depicts how design trends have changed over the last century. It covers various topics, such as iconic furniture designs (some of which would fit with today’s trends), everyday objects, and innovative architecture. The book draws intriguing parallels between design and historical events of the 20th century, showcasing how culture and technology have shaped even interior design. It’s a beautiful and fascinating read.

The Kinfolk Home: Interiors for Slow Living

Founded in 2011, Kinfolk magazine celebrates simple living, artistic expression, and meaningful human connections. What was once a print publication that explored themes like design, travel, fashion, and cuisine has now grown into a full-scale company that includes a publishing arm, event planning, and partnerships with lifestyle brands. If there’s one thing Kinfolk knows, it’s design. The book is your handbook on mindful living and curated interiors, which jumps out at you on every page. It’s big on minimalism and encourages readers to use natural and organic materials in the home. Give it a read and fall for its peaceful, tranquil interiors. It is a must for those looking to create a sanctuary that inspires conscious living.

Couleurs Sarah, par Sarah Lavoine

If you don’t know Sarah Lavoine, it’s time you learned about this designer. Born in Morocco to an art-loving family, Lavoine has since left an indelible mark in home décor and interior design. Her aesthetic is unique, incorporating vibrant hues and daring forms. This book from Éditions du Chêne invites the reader to learn more about the designer’s unparalleled vision and exceptional command of colour, all of which work together to create spellbinding environments. Practical advice, vivid photos, and more. Couleurs Sarah deserves a spot on your bookshelf or coffee table.

Toit et moi: du décor de la maison au bien être intérieur

Here’s another fantastic offering from Éditions du Chêne, a publishing firm specializing in remarkable literature. Since 1941, this publishing house has been a harbinger of design, décor, cooking, and architecture, delighting readers with its exceptional publications. This book examines the role of interior design in our mental health and well-being. Within its pages, you’ll find advice, musings, and illustrations that offer ideas for anyone looking to curate a space designed for relaxation and comfort. By highlighting the importance of balance between fashion and functionality, Toit et moi invites readers to rethink their homes for comfort and connection.

Detail in Contemporary Residential Architecture by Virginia McLeod

Here comes another entry from Phaidon, the premier global creative arts publisher. It’s no surprise their stunning catalogue has earned them international acclaim. Detail in Contemporary Residential Architecture is yet another fantastic example of Phaidon’s genius on display. You’ll encounter contemporary homes designed by world-famous architects on every page. The book also provides insights into current trends, highlighting diverse styles, materials, and concepts. It also exposes the reader to some of the big ideas shaping modern residential architecture. Not to be missed.

House of Joy: Playful Homes and Cheerful Living

Boring design? Not on our watch! This playful book explores the concept of joy in interior design. It showcases an array of vibrant and colourful interiors that highlight happiness and positivity. Its detailed descriptions showcase how a room setup can influence our mood and well-being. Featuring blends of colours, materials, and shapes, the photos from House of Joy are like a dopamine hit to anyone looking to refresh and revitalize their surroundings.

Pretty Small: Grand Living with Limited Space

Limited space doesn’t have to mean limiting yourself. This book explores creating an aesthetically pleasing and functional area in a contained environment. With an increasing number of people living in smaller residences, this book asserts that just because the space is small doesn’t mean you have to skimp on style. In Pretty Small, you’ll see mindfully arranged spaces that maximize every inch of space. This book equips you with the essentials for a functional, stylish home, providing pages of tips on making smarter use of space, investing in modular furniture, and innovative storage solutions. Our takeaway? Interior design should always be imaginative and creative.

There are hundreds of interior design and decor books out there, but this selection is the one that resonated most profoundly with our team and continues to serve as a source of inspiration in the home. Beautiful interiors, intelligent solutions, and cultural crossovers—the pages of this book are replete with ideas for your living space. Happy reading!

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