It’s no secret that rattan and wicker, and all the earthy natural materials are having a moment in decor. They are practical, beautiful, and their organic texture instantly adds warmth and style to any room.

Amy Peters created this inviting dining room space by collaborating with Mobilia, showcasing the ethnic influences and botanical touches collection in her Nova Scotian home, which she shares with her husband and two children. Amy’s home is decorated in a way that reflects her personal style and is also functional for her young family. Amy shares some style tips on how to incorporate rattan and wicker in your home.

Jura table, Seto and Sumatra accent chairs

Make a Statement

If you are ready to commit to this trend decide on a larger piece or multiple pieces that will be the focal point. Since rattan and wicker are warm, natural and in a neutral colour, it is easy to go with larger pieces or multiple pieces, as Amy did with her dining chairs. Then you can always have fun with the accessories, pulling in your favourite accent colours with a rug, pillows, throw blankets or plants.

Another great way to hop onto this trend. You can place a gorgeous pendant or floor lamp in any room adding that extra layer of character, texture, and style.

Jura table, Seto and Sumatra accent chairs

Mix and Match 

It’s ok to mix and match different items, don’t be afraid to try! You can create a lovely, unique vibe. The best advice on mixing and matching modern furniture is to try to stay within the same tonal family and similar finish within a space to make it all flow. Having multiple tones or natural materials like rattan or bamboo helps to bring focus and textures into the room as well as a little warmth. We love how Amy has paired the Seto bamboo accent chair and the Sumatra armchair.  The textures and colours work wonderfully with the JURA wood table.

Jura table, Seto and Sumatra accent chairs

Wall Baskets 

If you want a new twist on a gallery wall, try setting up a gallery wall of baskets to create an eye-catching design. These look incredible in a group. A well-curated wall of baskets can replace the need for art and you can create a combination with your own personal touch. A basket gallery works great in a bedroom, above a sofa or in an entryway.

Jura table and Sumatra accent chair


A really easy way to incorporate wicker into your home is through storage. Wicker baskets serve functionality and add a warm element to a room. Baskets can store spare blankets, pillows or toys, like at the Peters ’s house. The Solok accent table is a table with storage below.


Planting a tree in a basket looks incredible and it also makes it easier to move, since baskets tend to be lighter in weight than a standard planter. Just be sure to pick up a plastic liner to catch any excess water after watering your plants.

Jura table, Seto and Sumatra accent chairs


Another great way to hop onto this trend. You can place a gorgeous pendant or floor lamp in any room adding that extra layer of character, texture, and style. This lamp design doesn’t distract or take away from other decor items in a room, since natural materials like rattan and wicker pair so nicely with so many styles.

Jura table


Add texture with accessories like the Nicca wood vase, or the Nicca wall mirror. Plus, add small wicker baskets to a coffee table or shelfie, or on a bedside table or dresser.

One last tip is to have fun and don’t rush the process. Find pieces that speak to you and that are functional for your family in your home.

Your style doesn’t have to be boho or coastal-inspired to pull off rattan and wicker in your home. Mostly because the natural materials pair so nicely with modern pieces, a rustic decor and farmhouse styles. You might not want to have rattan, wicker or bamboo in every room, but you can easily put hints of it here and there to create a nice mix and have little bits throughout your home, helping to make everything flow.


East Coast blogger and mom of two, Amy Peters shares her experiences on motherhood, travel and home decor on her personal blog.

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