When it comes to our living room, dining room or bedroom, all of us wish that we had more space! Here are some tips from decorating pro and TV host, Julie Asselin, that will help streamline your decor and give the illusion that your space is much bigger than it actually is. No major renovations required! Let’s go!

1.  Mirrors are magical

Mirrors are multifunctional, decorative objects that reflect light and make small space feel much larger, they’re also a great way to accessorise your walls while maximising natural as well as artificial light. Try adding an over-sized model in entryway, in the living room or even in the bedroom to create a guaranteed WOW effect! Many restaurants use this trick to make their dining area seem far more spacious. Why not try this tactic at home?

Un miroir est une façon efficace d'ajouter un effet WOW
Mirrors are multi-functional, decorative objects that reflect light and make small spaces feel much larger.

2.  Creative carpets: the art of “zoning”

Area rugs are a great way of bringing order to open concept rooms where more than one function is required. Dreaming of a cozy reading area by the window in your dining room? Put a soft-pile area rug under your favourite armchair and you’re ready for hours of enjoyment! Not sure how to place your furniture in your open-concept loft space? Create a dining area anywhere you like with the help of a stylish rug under your dining table. In short, don’t let the physical constraints of your room limit your options, with the help of a few well chosen textiles, let your imagination run free and furnish your world any which way you like.

Créer un effet WOW avec un tapis
This geometric area rug helps bring order to the two functions present in this dining room. 
3.  Built-in storage

In the bedroom, there are tons of simple and effective tricks to save space. With this in mind, consider investing in multifunctional furniture that lets you save as much space as possible while keeping your room both stylish! Not enough room for nightstands? Try using a console table as a headboard, it’ll serve as shelving for your smartphone, your favourite books or to display some decorative objects. Some stylish bed models now offer integrated storage solutions, perfect for storing seasonal bedding.

Maximisez l'espace et créez un effet WOW dans votre chambre à coucher
Beds with storage solutions are perfect for stowing away seasonal or occasional bedding.

4.  Choose a rounded transparent table with an interesting base

In addition to providing a truly elegant feel to your room, the glass’s transparency will create an airy feel and a touch of modernity to your decor. What’s more, the glass allows you to see the design of the base so let yourself go with styles ranging from retro-futuristic metallic styles to classic white marble ones; go with whichever one fits best with your room.

Table spoot effet WOW
The Spoot dinette table will create an airy yet modern feel to your dining area.

5.  Creating a WOW effect with a feature wall

Adding wallpaper or an accent colour to a specific wall will help create a focus point in your room without adding visual weight. Do you enjoy regularly changing up your decor? By displaying artwork, decorative objects or even various textiles on your walls, you’re introducing interest and character to your room. Once again, the eye will be attracted to a single element within the space, serving to create more overall structure. Remember, dark tones add depth and decorative objects can create height!

Créer l'effet WOW avec des décorations murales

There are hundreds of ways of adding texture, colour and interest to your room!

 6.  Draw the eyes up, waaay up!

Suspended light fixtures, large shelving and lovely hanging plants will automatically cause your guests to look up, creating and instant WOW effect! Many architects use this technique to fool the eye and create the illusion of higher ceilings.

Effet Wow lampe Scena
For a guaranteed WOW effect, why not surprise your guests with an eye-catching suspended lamp in the living room! Above: Scena suspended lamp


Comment créer un effet Wow
Julie Asselin
Julie Asselin

Julie doesn’t just love decorating; it has been her biggest passion as a designer for over 20 years. Her specialty is to create a “WOW FACTOR!” She has a knack for arranging furniture at the perfect angle and she can always find items that make all the difference. Her philosophy is based on simple principles: beauty, efficiency, style, and realism. She understands the rules that govern interior design and always knows how to follow them, work around them and when she needs to, how to break them. In addition to relooking and showcasing each room in a house, in recent years, Julie has also collaborated with various design magazines and TV shows. As well, she has given several conferences on the art of redefining beautiful spaces. She will share her passion on her show, “Tout s’embellit avec Julie” which airs on V TV. On the show, Julie helps people who want to sell their property. The stakes will be high as she uses her experience and talent to add exponential value to their homes.

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