It’s time for the dining room table to have its moment in the sun! Always a gathering point, the dining room table has become a multifunctional:  it’s a place to entertain guests, have a family meal, sit and chat, grab a bite on the way out the door, and sometimes even do some work. Here are some tips for creating an inviting atmosphere around the table.

Dining room with a table and 3 chairs. A pendant lamp overhangs the table. Against the wall, a sideboard with a table lamp and a wall art. In the right corner, a leather sofa with Chesterfield inspiration invites you to relax. On the floor there are two area rugs under the table and under the sofa.
Table WENDALE, chairs JENNIFER, sideboard WENDALE and sofa WESTFIELD

The dining room as living space

Gone are the days when the dining room was a dormant space that came to life only for the purpose of entertaining guests.  Now the dining room is a focal point and reflection of daily life, occupying the space in any number of ways.

On a round glass table, a chess game is about to begin. Two beige leather chairs are placed around the table waiting for the players. In the background, an opened sideboard shows some dishes and a wall art is hung on the wall. Two carpets are superimposed on the floor.
Table WALLIE, chaises WARA et suspension WILLABELLE

Furniture and accessories are vital to creating a lively dining room, as is the sense of rhythm you can give a room using different combinations of fabric and colour. Here are a few ideas:

  • Pair a rectangular table with a bench for a welcoming touch.
  • Place a variety of chairs around the table for an inviting look.
  • Break the sameness by mixing styles, materials and finishes to give the room a dynamic and cheerful feel.
  • Layer rugs to make the space look bigger and comfier.
  • If you enjoy entertaining friends at home but prefer not to live with a big table all the time, choose an extendable table.
  • Round tables are very well suited to small spaces and create a more intimate feel. They also make for easy traffic flow around the table.  
  • And whatever you do, don’t forget about colour, which brightens and enlivens a room.
A beautiful rectangular brown wooden table and its matching bench are laid out on a patterned rug. On the table, a magazine and a tea set.
Table and bench JURA

Tables of all shapes, sizes and styles are the moorings of many happy memories of time spent entertaining guests, engaging in conversation, reading a good book, or just relaxing.


Lighting is important too. It’s always better to have several sources of lighting in the dining room to create a soft and warm ambience.

Read our tips for choosing the right lighting.

Four fabric chairs around a wooden table with X-shaped design legs. A pendant lamp overhangs the dining table on which dishes and some flowers in a vase appear. In the background, a table lamp and a wall art are placed on an open wooden sideboard.
Table NEALIE, chairs EWA and pendant lamp WADY

Also, the light over the dining room table should be low enough not to blind the people seated around the table. And consider creating a rhythm above the table with multiple lights!


With everyone leading busy lives, meals are a rare opportunity for all the members of the household to be together in the same space. And to simplify those daily gatherings, you need smart storage space that puts everything within easy reach. Buffets and china cabinets are a must around the table. They’re practical, in addition to providing some space for a wall art or a small table lamp. They also make it possible to add an accent chair, which creates a sense of continuity with the living room or reading corner.

A relaxing corner composed of an armchair and a coffee table. On the table a dice game and a vase filled with dried flowers. At the back, a sideboard is open to reveal some tableware.
Accent chair WYLE, coffee table NIXXA and sideboard NEALIE

Although living spaces may seem to blend into one another these days, the dining room remains distinctive by virtue of this central table around which we all naturally tend to gather.

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