Establish the Mood and Purpose of Your Room

By determining the ambiance you want to create and the purpose of your room, you will figure out what type of lighting is best to illuminate that specific space. If you want to create a natural lighting effect that fills the room, choose a pendant lamp. Track lighting can also do the trick.

The light needs to be brighter in your workspace, so an office lamp is the best option to keep you alert and inspired.

You can also bring focus on a piece of art or special architectural feature with accent lighting.

NAJINI floor lamp and table lamp

Each Room Calls for a Specific Type of Lighting

Living Room

In the living room, you’ll want to light three of the four corners by focusing one of the lamps or fixtures on an object, like a plant or chair. Display a combination of floor and table lamps, and plan on having some downward glow to make it a relaxing place for reading. If you install overhead fixtures, adding a dimmer is a must!

Dining Room

Make the dining area the brightest room in the house. Create a real wow effect with a pendant or chandelier over the table. Add a candle for a cozier feel.

NAKAMI pendant lamp

For the kitchen, focus on overhead lighting on a dimmer. You can crank up the light while you’re cooking and lower it once you’re done. Under-cabinet lights are also very practical.


The bedroom calls for intimacy and coziness, so opt for table lamps on your nightstands by the bed or install wall lamps, both with low-wattage bulbs. Overhead lighting with a dimmer makes the whole set-up just right.

NEDRA table lamp
NODA table lamp

Sidelights are the best option for applying makeup in the bathroom. In a larger space, you might want to shine a direct light onto the shower or bath.

Remember, your lighting works for your style, your mood, and for your unique space.

The Rule of Three

The “Rule of Three” is a simple and easy hack: three pendant lamps over your island or table for the best balanced finish. If you wish to create a bolder effect with big pendant lamps, two is the max! The amount of light required in your room and the size of the lamps always overweight “The Rule of Three.”

Ennora pendant lamps

The Number of Fixtures per Room

Room size is also a very important detail when choosing the type of lighting to install. Spacious rooms need more lights hung at different levels in order to properly illuminate the space, while smaller rooms need fewer lights for the same effect.

Remember, your lighting works for your style, your mood, and for your unique space. With these useful tips from Mobilia, you should be well on your way to a brighter day!

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