Whether you work at home or simply need to spend time handling email and paperwork, a home office space can be an essential addition to your home. The challenge is designing it to truly fit your needs. Here are six ideas for setting up a stylish home office.

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1- Location, location

Working at home carries the risk of constant distraction, so it’s important to set up your home office in a space that is conducive to concentration and inspiration. The first thing to consider is where to place your desk in the room. The view from your office chair should suit your specific needs. If you want to enhance concentration, your desk should face the wall, but to spur inspiration, it should be positioned so you have a view of the whole room, or facing a window, to let you see outside the box, so to speak.

2- Stylish office furniture: size and style

Once you’ve decided on where to place your desk, it’s time to have some fun choosing furniture. Here are a few ideas to inspire you:

For small spaces, smaller pieces of furniture are best, as are light design and materials, like the Westlyn desk. Its high-gloss white finish and minimalist design give it a very refined look. Available in two sizes, it can be paired with a console table or filing cabinet from the same collection.

The Winter desk, with its multifunctional design, is a clever addition to any stylish home office space. It swivels 360° so you can easily adjust it to your needs. It’s a real gem!

home office design ideas

A big favourite of Mobilia customers, the Stealth has a flamboyant personality, but its clean lines and glass surface give it quite a light and airy look. The desk is smartly designed with a built-in filing cabinet.

If you appreciate the look of an executive desk at home, look no further than the Neghan. It has a comfortable work surface and storage space comprising two drawers and a shelf. The X-shaped metal leg frame with its matte finish gives the desk a very distinctive appearance.

home office desk with storage

Looking to double your work surface? L-shaped desks make them an especially practical choice.

3- Lighting

When you are setting up a home office, artificial light is just as important as natural light. You need several light sources offering different levels of intensity in order to prevent stark contrasts and create a warm yet functional ambiance.

Consider pendant lamps as well as floor lamps, which allow you to create a soft and gentle atmosphere. And don’t forget the desk lamp for casting light directly onto your work surface.

When you are setting up a home office, artificial light is just as important as natural light.

4- Chairs

The office chair is the most important piece in your office. To ensure that you’re seated comfortably during those long days, it’s preferable to choose an ergonomic model. And if you have to move around the office a lot or swivel about to retrieve documents, wheels are a must!

Space permitting, you can create a relaxation area in your office space with an accent chair or bean bag. You can also add a work surface to your main desk with an additional office chair so that you can shift positions throughout the day.

Find out all our tips on how to to set up a home office.

5- Storage

A well-organized office, from desk to drawers, is key to productivity and creativity. Maximize the available space by lining walls with bookshelves and other shelving. To keep your documents close to hand, you can also keep a standing or rolling filing cabinet under your desk.

home office storage ideas
ELIAN bookcase

Once you’ve set up and organized your office, the most enjoyable task begins: decorating! Add some accessories such as a cushion, a throw, a mirror or a wall art. Give your décor a personal touch with well placed and inspirational decorative objects.

With all their many benefits, plants are a happy addition to any room. But if you don’t have a green thumb, there are fabulous artificial plants that are easily mistaken for the real thing – minus the maintenance! They are a great way to lend a natural feel to a room. And having a bit of greenery in your home office lends a personal touch to the space.

home office decor ideas

With the reinvention of ordinary desk accessories as striking design objects you can add flair to your stylish home office with small items such as scissors, rulers, pencils, tape dispensers, notebooks, and so on.

Last but not least, there’s ambiance. To help create it while you’re working, you can use essential oil diffusers, for example, sip Kusmi tea, and have music on the background – all ways of making your workspace and your headspace a little more serene.

Marie-Hélène Trottier is the creative director at Montreal-based agency Jump and Love.


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