A well-chosen sectional can actually make a small living room feel more spacious, open, and inviting.

Sectional couch in a limited space: many advantages

Make a sectional the centerpiece of your design to transform a small space into a cozy and inviting corner.

Fabric sectional sofa Sachi

Maximize the number of seats

By occupying the same floor space as a sofa combined with an accent chair, a sectional sofa accommodates two or three more people. This way, you make full use of the corner space that would otherwise be lost. Having only one piece of furniture, albeit a large one, also helps to de-clutter the room.

Versatile furniture

A single sectional can be used for a variety of activities: watching a movie, chatting with friends, lying down with a good book… Some models can be easily disassembled and reconfigured for a family event or if you move to a new property.

How to choose a sectional sofa

A sectional is a long-term investment; take the time to evaluate your space, your needs, and your preferences before making your choice.

Measure the available space

Compared to a sofa or armchair, it is more difficult to assess whether or not a sectional will work in a small living room.

Measure the dimensions of the room as well as doors, windows and other elements that may influence the layout, such as a fireplace. This will give you a clearer idea of the space available.

Better yet, use our sofa measurement tool to find a sectional sofa that is the perfect size for your living space. This way you can see the actual colours and dimensions to scale.

Low and deep? Or more formal?

Dimensions vary greatly from one model to another, depending on the type of comfort desired and the desired effect. In a relaxed setting, such as a home theater, choose furniture that is lower and tends to be ergonomically deeper. For example, the Rockland Dark Grey Leather “L” Combo Sofa is only 24″ high, but a generous 40″ deep, allowing you to recline at your leisure.

In a more traditional living room, consider the Emilia Composable Sofa. At 30″ high and 38″ deep, it encourages a more upright posture during conversations… unless you activate the motorized reclining seats to lounge on!

Many “L” shaped models offer two sections of different depths, lending themselves well to a variety of positions. That’s the case with the Funktion Fabric Sofa Combo, which combines a three-seat box that’s 40″ deep with a long section that’s 44″ wide and 68″ deep where you can lay.

Leather sofa Neal

Choose a neutral style

It’s no coincidence that sectionals usually have a plain finish and a neutral colour, such as gray, brown, or black. Such a large piece of furniture with an overly cluttered look would quickly overwhelm the space.

It’s also an investment you want to enjoy for a long time. Think of the furniture as a neutral, timeless base, then use cushions, throws and accessories to match your space. If your decor changes or you move, you can just as easily adapt your sectional to the latest trends.

Leather or fabric sectional?

Choose durable materials that will help keep your sectional looking good for years to come. Then, it all depends on your lifestyle and personal comfort preferences.

Leather is usually more resistant to stains and liquids than fabrics and is less vulnerable to the accumulation of pollen, dust, and pet hair. However, it is more expensive.

A fabric sectional is more economical, and scratches are generally less visible than on a leather model; consider this when choosing a sofa if you have young children or pets.

3 layouts that maximize space

In a small room, it’s best to lean a sectional against a wall to maximize space. If possible, position the piece so that the seating is visible upon entering the room, to create an inviting look.

1. Around a central point

Identify one or two features in the room to organize your layout around, such as a television, a fireplace, or a large window with a spectacular view.

For example, you could place a Wayla leather sofa in the direction of your screen, then complement it with a Wilden leather accent chair facing a window. Whether you want to watch your favorite movie, observe nature or chat with friends, there’s always a place for you.

2. A cozy corner

Installing a massive sectional in a small room enhances the sense of privacy. Take advantage of the large size of the Rockland Leather Composite Sofa — which easily seats five or six people — to take up maximum space on two sides.

Add wall lights and hanging plants to utilize the vertical space above the sofa and suggest more depth. The result is a unique architectural character, as if the furniture were built right into the room.

3. Time for conversation

If you place more emphasis on large parties and conversation, place a sectional and a sofa or two accent chairs on opposite walls. Add a rug and a coffee table to bring the two sections together and create a corner for interaction.

For example, a Welland modular reclining sofa, with its elegant Cognac leather allows three or four guests to sit on it. Lean against the opposite wall with a loveseat designed to encourage frankness without having to bend your neck.

In a small room, every square inch of space becomes more valuable. A well-designed sectional allows you to accommodate more people and more activities, with just one piece of furniture. So think big!

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