Over the past year, people have been focusing on home comfort. I’m no exception, so in order to make my living space look good, I’ve added three favourites to help separate the office and relaxation spaces in my boyfriend’s and my love nest.

You know as well as I do that tweaking your new space can take time, but any good find from Mobilia is worth waiting for!

It is so easy to fall in love with everything at Mobilia, especially when you are looking for both style and comfort without breaking the bank!

After moving into a larger and sleeker space, I was looking for storage options that were quite limited here. I needed a fairly large piece of furniture that was both practical and stylish, to create more storage space while also sprucing up the dining room, a place where I spend most of my time working from home.

Upgrade your space with something new…

I decided on the beautiful JAPANDI wooden curio cabinet. What I particularly love about this piece of furniture is that it is sturdy and can also accommodate a lot of stuff, without adding bulk to the space. It’s very sleek and airy and it complements the boho-chic look in our apartment beautifully.

This wooden curio cabinet serves as a bar to display drink bottles and more delicate glasses, but also provides easy access to the paperwork area, where I store anything office-related when my day is done.

In a large, all-white apartment, don’t be afraid to fill the cooler, neutral areas with plants and accessorize the furniture with great little finds!

I also had to find a way to make my dining room less cold and more comfortable. In the middle of the main room sits a large black marble table, which belonged to my parents 20 years ago. This piece adds a very chic feel to the room, but it’s also a bit colder and more serious. I incorporated some warmth and comfort, breaking up the severity of the room with two black velvet SNAZZY armchairs, adding a dose of notoriety to the antique table that dates back to my parents’ wedding in the 80s.

Combining old and new is both stylish and ecological!

I love to recycle furniture that has sentimental value to me and that’s how I approached the living room as well, by completely upholstering my grandmother’s old couches from the 70s and giving them an updated look.

Winding down wrapped in this soft blanket is comforting and marks the end of your productive workday, until the next day!

Thank you Mobilia for making us look so good. I can’t wait to see your next collection!

Photography by Valérie Gay-Bessette

Author of several eBooks, speaker, wellness coach and founding teacher of the yoga platform Essence Station, Alexandra Cosentino is a digital content creator from Quebec. Find her on her Instagram account.

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