While the pandemic no doubt accelerated the trend, remote work was already well on its way to becoming the norm for those working in all sorts of industries. More and more, people are choosing a work-from-home lifestyle to get the job done. If this describes your current reality, then make sure that whatever space you’re working out of is ergonomic, flexible, and totally comfortable.

The importance of décor

First, let’s stop thinking about working from home as a temporary phenomenon. Because whether your situation is short-term or here for the long haul, your intention should always be to work in a setting that maximizes your performance and boosts your mood. Meaning that, among other things, you need to create a comfortable and inspiring space.

Wall art, rug, throw, plant… brighten up your work area to make you feel good.

There are a few ways to accomplish this. It starts with thinking about proper lighting, which is necessary for keeping your eyes, often exposed to the harsh glow of screens, rested. For best results, position your desk near a natural light source, like a window, and get yourself a fully functional wide desk lamp to diffuse light evenly—ideally, you’ll want one that emits warm lighting so it’s easier on the eyes. Afterwards, you’ll want to step up your desk space by incorporating a few cherished personal belongings or plants onto its surface. Other objects, like wall art, photos, area rugs or accent lighting, all make a significant difference in how your work area looks. Because working better starts with feeling good.

Smart furniture

Can office furniture be both comfortable and trendy? Yes. Can it be multi-functional? Also yes. An innovative home office set-up is one that is comfortable, ergonomic, and made to accommodate other activities that take place come quitting time.

Choose a height-adjustable desk so that you can work while standing to avoid spending hours on end seated and hunched over your computer. And while we’re on the subject of sitting, remember that your desk chair is also a necessary part of daily comfort. The most ergonomically friendly chairs are designed with armrests, wheels and can be adjusted to varying heights, providing you with maximum support throughout the day.

The office chair is very important for your comfort: choose one with armrests and adjustable.

If your workspace happens to moonlight as another room (we’re talking about you, kitchen-slash-boardroom), then considering investing in a cabinet for storing objects like your computer, spare wires, notebooks, and other essentials. Forget about the corporate filing cabinets of our former lives. Today’s solutions are practical and elegant, made to blend seamlessly into the rest of the room so you can leave your workday and worries behind once you’ve clocked out. Modern storage combines good design and function, so you don’t have to compromise on either.

End tables are there to support you

One of the main advantages of working from home is having the luxury to get set up wherever you please. While a more structured environment is best for video meetings with the boss, get some thinking and creative projects done while reclining in a cozy accent chair or sofa. This is when a reliable end table comes most in handy. Settle for an end table that arrives at just the right height so that you can use it to keep your electronic devices, mugs, and all the other accessories on hand. Best of all, you won’t have to go very far or bend down awkwardly when you need to retrieve any of these items.

Thanks to end tables, you can work wherever you like!

It seems like working from home is here to stay so you might as well get comfortable, make the most of it, and optimize the space you’re in with carefully thought-out furniture, adequate storage, and accessories that liven up the room without leaving it feeling too cluttered. With proper lighting and quality desk chair, you’ll surely see your productivity soar to new heights. Okay, maybe we’re exaggerating on that last part, but when it comes to comfort, we know what we’re talking about.

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