What is a console table for?

A console table is usually long, narrow, and halfway between a coffee table and a countertop — ideal for putting down or picking up small items without having to bend over.

Store things within easy reach

The ergonomic height of a console table allows you to store items you use frequently. Display your most beautiful decorative objects prominently, and consider storing other items in drawers, baskets, or shelves.

Showcase your favourite items

Embellish the space with items that inspire and represent you, such as books or antiques, flowers in a vase, barware, family photos or travel souvenirs.

Use it as an extra surface

When you’re entertaining a large number of guests, a console table serves as a convenient place to place glasses, bites, or dishes.

Indira Console Table

Where to place your console table?

A console table can add a lot of style — and practical storage — to any room, especially cramped and wasted spaces.

Entrance hall

A console table is the perfect place to leave your keys, smartphone, and mail when you get home. Conversely, you can leave those things you absolutely must not forget on your next outing, like tickets to a show, in plain sight.


Transform those rather boring transitional spaces into distinctive and inspiring ones by adding a console table. Choose a shallow model to keep traffic flowing, like the unique Indira model.

Behind a sofa

A sofa or sectional is usually best placed along a wall, but that’s not always possible in an open plan layout. A console table can make the back of a solid piece of furniture more interesting to the eye.

Elkom Console Table as seen @jess.fernandopulle
Indira Console Table as seen @kassandradekoning

Along a staircase

Few pieces of furniture lend themselves well to the irregular shape of the wall under a staircase. Enhance what would otherwise be wasted space by placing a low side chair next to a taller console table, thus following the visual ascendancy of the stairs.

Dining room

In a space that’s too small for a buffet or minibar, a console table can perform a similar role in a compact format. Store extra cutlery, glasses, napkins, or nice kitchen items that you only use occasionally, such as a wine decanter or a cheese serving tray.

Buying advice for a console table

Measure, measure, and measure!

Console tables vary greatly in size. Be sure to measure the available space and nearby furniture (e.g., the height of your sofa) to select a model that is appropriate for your needs.

Look for features based on intended use

Do you want to keep your mail and bills within easy reach, but out of sight? Choose a console table with two built-in drawers like Westerly. If you’re looking for an extra surface for entertaining, choose a model that is resistant to liquids and food, such as the Woro model with its tempered glass shelves.

Match the space…

Match your console table to your decor by favouring sober lines and at least one colour or material reminder. For example, the Nardo table with its solid Suar wood top and black iron base in a matte finish lends itself to Scandinavian-inspired homes as well as modern or industrial ones. Or opt for the incredible Wenzel, sculpted from a single piece of glass, whose transparency enhances the rest of the environment.

…or be bold!

On the contrary, your console table can serve as a showpiece. Expect questions and reactions from your guests at the sight of Nilan, a real work of art that frames a stump of Indonesian suarina wood in a matte black metal frame.

Esma Console Tabe styled as a vanity

Ideas for decorating your console table

Choose an original pocket tray

For a console table in the hallway, consider a shallow bowl or decorative object to empty your pockets into. Have fun choosing an inspiring material like iron mesh, polished aluminum with a gold finish, or porcelain.

Natya Console Table

Add a mirror or artwork

A mirror creates the illusion of a larger space and allows you to confirm that your appearance is well-groomed before you step outside. You can also hang a painting or canvas to enhance the vertical space. Choose a single large piece of art (slightly narrower than your table) or an odd number of smaller images.

Incorporate lighting

Add a lamp (or two for symmetry) as accent lighting in the evening and on grey days. The effect is even more striking with a light-reflecting mirror or wall art to highlight.

Balance the objects

Arrange decorative objects of varying sizes and heights to achieve visual balance. For example, spread out a bedside lamp, a vase of seasonal flowers, a stack of antique books and some small knick-knacks.

No matter what room it’s in, a console table adds personality and beauty to your home’s interior. Choose a model that suits your needs and enhance it with decorative objects that inspire you.

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