Winter is at our door, bringing with it decor inspo designed for serious warmth.

Warm your bedroom and living room

Sure, kitchens are widely thought to be the heart of any home, but our living rooms and bedrooms are where all the snuggling under a plush throw blanket and cozying away the day’s stresses happen. Create a laid-back vibe by draping yourself in soft materials and switching on subdued interior lighting. Candles and candle holders that cast the reflection of flickering flames against the wall add to a room’s warmth. Choose soothing hues, like greys, pinks, and beiges. These hushed tones set the mood and can transform any room into a cozy cocoon. Finally, dress up your space with decorative pieces like a vase—it’s reminiscent of a brisk January night.

Curvy edges

Bed Carlyle, nighstand Nymm, lamp Ennora

Curved furniture and accessories that recall mountainous snowbanks and snow-covered streets go hand-in-hand with creating a cozy winter. The Evella armchair fits well in any corner of your bedroom, living room or boudoir. With its rounded contours and woolly sheepskin surface, this armchair will feel so warm you’ll forget that the weather outside is indeed frightful. Beyond that, a round mirror works in any room, reflecting natural light. Then, you’ve got the Natya bookcase, with openwork rattan canework doors that will brighten up any room in the house. While you’re at it, kick back and recline with your feet up on an upholstered ottoman—even just saying the word has a way of transporting you right to the couch to binge-watch your favourite show.

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Mixing tones and textures

Accent chair Nakim and sideboard Navros

Nothing breaks the cold better than a refreshing dose of unexpected colours and distinct textures. Orange and pink? Oh yes. Crafted wood with velvet? You bet. Combine colours and textures, play with clashing patterns, and experiment with complementary yet contrasting motifs and materials. Complete any room with a geometric area rug that draws in the eyes and warms the feet. Magic happens in an eclectic space that unites patterns, textures, colours, and materials that make a wild but uniform whole. Get creative and run with it because you’ll soon see that mixing textures delights the senses.

Light, the ultimate accessory

Decor’s secret weapon? That’s easy: Lighting. Proper lighting sets the mood and works with the weather to gently lull you to sleep— table lamps designed in organic materials like rattan diffuse soft lighting in the bedroom or lounging area. An elegant pendant lamp lends a sophisticated touch to every setting—a statement piece that won’t go unnoticed. In the office, lighting takes on a decidedly functional role: choose a brilliant office lamp for clocking a few hours of work at night after the rest of the family has called it a night. Whether floor lamps or pendant lamps are more your speed, you’ve got endless choices when choosing light fixtures, pieces as savvy as they are comforting during the colder seasons.

Elvea accent chairs, Indira console, Wida lamp table

This winter, keep cold where it belongs: outside. As for you and your family, neutral tones, round pieces, contrasting textures and accessories—and of course, soft lighting—are all you need to combat the winter chills and feel as cozy as ever when you’re watching the snowfall from inside your home.

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