Living Room Lounging

Your living area is a central room in your home. From family time to weekend receptions, it’s the place where everyone gathers to spend quality time together. Perhaps you need extra seating or want to add a touch of colour? Including an accent chair will give shape and elegance to your space. Our fabric and leather chair displays a modern and unique look to bring a regal style to your decor. Who’s lucky enough to get this seat all to themselves?

Bedroom Cocoon

A welcoming haven after a long day, your bedroom becomes a place of refuge. An accent chair is a must have not only to add personality to your space, but to create an area of calm and comfort. Light your scented candles, play your favourite tunes, and let our modern and sophisticated accent chairs rock you into a state of pure relaxation.

An accent chair is an easy way to incorporate a trendy shape, a plush fabric or a new colour to any decor. Visit our accent chair section to find the perfect fit for your space.

Inviting Office Space

How about a reading nook in your home or professional office to complement your sophisticated setting? A place to calmly review that sales report or revise that important presentation. Accent chairs also provide stylish, comfortable seating to welcome visitors and colleagues.

Read more about all our tips for setting up a comfortable and inspiring modern home office.

Dining With Class

Rather than selecting a set of matching dining room chairs, why not mix it up? Dare to vary colours, while sticking to one shape, or simply alternate the armchairs. You may also want to keep the same colour but choose matching shapes around the table. There are many options to suit various settings and tastes. You and your guests can relax and enjoy good food and good company for hours on end.

Trend Inspiration

Speaking of relaxation… Have you ever heard of hygge? It’s the art of cocooning redefined. It’s a state of ultimate calmness. It’s also a central theme in Scandinavian design, which is based on assembling natural elements that bring functionality, comfort and warmth into your living space. The idea is to add some exciting colours, shapes and textures to create a cozy chic environment.

In the spirit of hygge, which continues to be a very hot home trend, why not create a comfy hygge-inspired nook in every room, and add a finishing touch to your decor with a world of Accent Chairs!

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