One thing is certain, sleeping on an uncomfortable mattress will make going to bed an utter nightmare! Start your mattress shopping expedition by slipping into comfortable, breathable clothing that won’t constrict your movement & be sure to wear shoes that are easily removable. Pro tip: do not be shy! Take all the time you need to lie down on the mattresses and properly test them out; move around and try lying in your normal sleeping position.

Doing Your Research

Another key point is to do some research prior to stepping into a store. Talk to friends and family, and look online, you should never feel rushed into choosing the perfect mattress. Remember, the average person will spend over  2500 hours a year sleeping, and choosing a comfortable mattress is vital to maintaining good health.

“Balanced weight distribution is key to getting the perfect night’s sleep.”

Easy mattress guide, finding the perfect one for you!
Magniflex mattresses have been manufactured in Italy for over 50 years and are delivered rolled for added portability and hygiene

Mattress Quality

Next to comfort, quality materials and sleeping style are of utmost importance. There are many types of terms and types of mattresses: latex, hybrids, springs, memory foam, pillow top, gel and many more. The array of choices can be very overwhelming.

Sleeping Style

1- Side Sleepers

Side sleeping is one of the most popular positions. Most side sleepers prefer a medium-firm mattress that will allow some give for shoulders and hips but not sink in too deeply. Heavier side sleepers might prefer a slightly firmer mattress.

The medium-firm BAGLIONI mattress from Magniflex, one of Italy’s oldest and largest mattress manufacturers, features double-sided comfort with one memory foam, medium-firm side and the other slightly firmer.

2- Back Sleepers

Although not as common as side sleepers, back sleepers would benefit from a firmer mattress that supports the natural alignment of the neck, spine and pelvis.

The firm BOSCOLO mattress is a perfect example of this; it’s important to remember that firm doesn’t mean hard, since balanced weight distribution is key to getting the perfect night’s sleep.

3- Stomach Sleepers / Combination Sleepers

Stomach sleeping is the least common of the three main types of sleepers due in part to the potential for aches and pains associated to neck and lower back strain. Most stomach sleepers require exceptional support, and nothing beats a medium-firm mattress.

The medium-firm BAGLIONI mattress would most certainly be a good choice for this type of sleeper, but it isn’t necessarily for everyone.

4- For those who sleep in pairs

Easy mattress guide, finding the perfect one for you!
Dual core mattresses are perfect when two different types of sleepers share a bed

If you are sharing your bed, the dual core technology found in the EXEDRA comes in handy as two individual double sided mattresses are combined into one, offering customized comfort for both sleepers while still maintaining balanced weight distribution as well as a breathable, cool surface.

5- Sleepers With Back Pain

The LOMBARDY therapeutic mattress is designed to use the pressure of your body’s weight to gently stretch the muscles and decompress the spinal cord all through the night. Developed in collaboration with the Department of mechanical engineering at the University of Zaragoza, the inner layers of Elioform and Eliosoft present special laser cuts designed to generate a stretching effect while providing ideal spine support. In addition, it contains a high-density Memoform foam layer that helps regulate temperature and release excess heat. 

Staying Cool and Dry

Aside from personal factors and room temperature, mattresses play perhaps the biggest role in how cool or warm you will ultimately feel.

Certain mattresses, such as the soft EXEDRA not only feature double sided comfort for a more customized fit, but also a layer of gel infused memory foam that keeps cool. You can always adjust your comfort by adding blankets or adjusting the temperature, but it’s best to have a mattress with a removable cover for easy cleanup in a moisture wicking material.

Our superior quality, Italian made mattresses are designed so you can get a restful night’s sleep, every night.

Cost and Durability

Everyone expects value for their money, and a good quality/price ratio is of course an essential consideration. Most people will conserve their mattress for about 7 to 10 years, which means that top tier mattresses ranging between $1100 and $2000 will come out to $9 to $17 per month. Magniflex matresses are guaranteed for 20 years. A small price to pay for exceptional sleep night after night.

Mobilia offers a 10% discount on all mattresses and pillows with the purchase of any bed, at all times

A good night’s sleep is priceless, but that doesn’t mean a mattress has to cost a fortune to satisfy all your needs either. While everyone wants the best price, it’s important to remember that the best quality, for the best sleep, is well worth the investment.


The guarantee is another important aspect to consider when buying a mattress. Mattress warranties cover physical defects, but not always comfort: this is probably the most important misconception that consumers have to get around when buying a mattress. Taking the time to think about what kind of comfort you want is paramount. That’s why we now offer a 100+1 nights comfort guarantee.

As for other guarantees on mattresses, they may depend on the type of mattress, its quality and cost. Mobilia mattresses are guaranteed for 20 years, which demonstrates the manufacturer’s confidence in the quality of its product. Finally, get a 10% discount on your mattress or pillow when you buy a Mobilia bed.

You deserve the best sleep there is. That’s why it’s essential to get the best possible mattress for your needs and sleeping habits.

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