How to arrange mismatched bedroom furniture

Eclecticism means refusing to follow the rules. So rather than treating the advice below as strict principles, think of it as food for thought to fuel your creativity.

Think about a narrative

Adopt an overall vision rather than proceeding “piecemeal”. Have a general feeling or style in mind, such as minimalist, bohemian or modern Mid Century. Take inspiration from corresponding environments. Then, as you consider each item, make sure it contributes to the overall theme before analysing it in more detail.

Choose the star piece of furniture for your eclectic bedroom

Given their significant physical and visual presence, it’s essential to prioritize the careful consideration of large furniture pieces at the beginning of the project.

Typically, this centerpiece is your bed. For example, the majestic Waluca bed in solid rubberwood with a black finish, brass accents and removable synthetic leather cushions is a real eye-catcher. Alternatively, you can showcase another standout item, such as the Jura six-drawer wooden chest of drawers with its organic lines or the intriguing Smilla solid white oak wardrobe with its unique rounded design.

Smilla collection

To truly highlight the uniqueness of this key furniture piece, avoid overwhelming it with excessive matching. Instead, draw inspiration from its distinctive characteristics while maintaining a sense of individuality throughout your bedroom design.

Opt for neutral tones in your large furniture

When it comes to selecting colours for your large furniture pieces, consider the elegance and versatility of neutral shades. Opting for tones like grey, white, cream, black, or natural wood allows seamless integration with accent colours in your sheets, pillows, rugs, and decorative objects. Not only do neutral hues effortlessly complement any colour scheme, but they also contribute to establishing an open and serene ambiance within your space.

Choose neutral colours to create a timeless and soothing environment in your home, and experiment with variations of the same colour to achieve a rich tone-on-tone effect. 

Nicolas collection

Embrace playfulness while maintaining cohesion

Let your decor journey become a delightful adventure, where you can infuse a touch of whimsy. Explore the interplay between straight and curved lines, experiment with various materials, and dare to mix contrasting styles. Achieve a harmonious balance by combining substantial furniture pieces with more delicate and slender ones.

While embracing the creative freedom, it’s important to keep a common thread in mind. Weave a narrative throughout your space by incorporating repeated elements in several items, whether it’s a shared shape, finish, colour, or texture. This approach ensures that even though your key pieces may differ, they retain a sense of familial resemblance, bringing greater cohesion to your overall design.

For instance, you can maintain a curvaceous trend that flows seamlessly from an accent chair to the bed, and extend it further with a piece of captivating wall art. Let your imagination run wild while maintaining a unified visual story throughout your eclectic haven.

Create perfect companions for each mismatched furniture piece

To add the finishing touches to your eclectic ensemble, it’s time to find companions for any “orphaned” pieces that may not seamlessly align with the overall decor but hold sentimental value or are personal favorites. Bring them into harmony with your design by introducing new items or accessories that serve as gentle reminders.

For instance, if you have a solitary occasional chair that stands out, consider matching it with a pillow on the bed in a complementary colour to its upholstery. Or, give your chest of drawers a cohesive touch by replacing its hardware with metal that matches the legs.

Nopel table lamp and Wilson bed

How to coordinate mismatched nightstands

Should bedside tables be identical?

Matching bedside tables are not always necessary or practical. There are several reasons why you might consider mismatching your bedside tables. Limited space can make it difficult to accommodate two identical tables. You might also have an antique bedside table where one half is missing. Additionally, personal preferences and needs between you and your partner may differ when it comes to bedside storage.

Embracing mismatched bedside tables can actually add a poetic charm to your bedroom decor. It communicates a sense of teamwork and uniqueness, where each individual brings something special to the table.

Break away from tradition and embrace the chance to amplify the eclectic charm of your bedroom by thinking beyond pairs when it comes to bedside tables. Seize the opportunity to explore alternative arrangements and create a truly unique aesthetic. Here are a few inspiring ideas to help you achieve this distinctive look.

Choose bedside tables in a similar style

Consider selecting bedside tables that share a similar style while embracing unique variations. Purchase two bedside tables from the same collection or manufacturer, but opt for different colours or shapes. For instance, the Jura bedside table offers both light brown and dark brown versions, allowing you to create a stunning two-tone decor. Another option is the Nymm model, available with the choice of two drawers or just one, providing subtle differences that break up the symmetry and add individual character to each side of the bed.

Match their colours

Don’t be limited by size or shape – two bedside tables can still form a harmonious pair if they share the same colour or wood species. Embrace the interplay of contrasting elements by combining the soft, rounded form of a Smilla bedside table with the geometric angles of a Nibba table. The use of a pale wood species bridges the gap between these two contrasting worlds, resulting in a playful mix-and-match effect that adds character and charm to your bedroom decor.

Smilla collection
Elaina collection

Add accessories to balance everything out

To create equilibrium between two mismatched bedside tables, make thoughtful choices when it comes to objects, light fittings, artwork, and fabrics. If one table is noticeably higher than the other, you can fill the empty space above it with books or decorative items to visually balance the arrangement. Another option is to install two bedside lamps or place identical mirrors on each side of the bed, serving as visual reminders and adding symmetry to the overall composition. By carefully curating these elements, you can harmonize the imbalance and create a visually pleasing and cohesive look for your bedside area.

A carefully chosen key piece of furniture, a neutral backdrop with colourful accents, matching nightstands (or not!) and a unifying theme: that’s all you need to create a beautiful, eclectic bedroom. Have fun creating a decor that’s uniquely yours and where you’ll enjoy starting – and ending – every day.

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