The home oasis is a peaceful, stress-free retreat. A place where timeless trends, an eclectic blend of textiles, and neutral tones come together, complementing one another.  These elements should create a warm and inviting environment in which calm is the focus.

The winds of change

We’ll let you in on a little secret: You don’t have to overhaul a room for it to feel brand new. Nor do you have to break the bank. But what you do need to refresh a space is accent furniture. Opt for a compact side table, like the Eflower, or the Norrine chairs, characterized by their rattan touches and seating—both options are airy and light.

Accessories can also provide a much-needed breath of fresh air: Gorgeous vases, styled with or without flowers, can instantly brighten up a table or couch. When it comes to giving your room a renewed feeling, accessories and furniture are the way to go.

Nibba dining room collection and Norinne dining chairs

Dress up your walls 

Sometimes, refreshing a space is as simple as looking to your walls. Take our rounded Nilly mirrors, for example, which play with space and light. Transform your living room or bedroom into a sprawling savannah with wall art — one look at these and you can almost hear the gentle rustling of wind in the leaves. Or play with these Sandy pieces’ monochromatic blocks and textures to achieve a modern feel. Budget-friendly ideas like these are an easy way to boost your home.

Go natural 

Neutral colours like beige, grey, ecru and white play a part in the home oasis style—these colours soften and illuminate the space. It’s time you put on the interior designer hat and mix and match several of these colours in the same room to create a chic, timeless effect. When choosing materials, you should prioritize wood, cotton, stone and other natural fibres. Be sure to opt for rustic finishes like untreated wood, raw wool, unpolished stone, or handmade weaving to remind you of nature and all its healing properties. Surrounding yourself with organic materials and soothing colours is one way to promote wellness at home.

Naema bookcase

Open yourself to storage

Open shelves like the Naema or the Seera are not your average storage systems. Place them in the bedroom, living room or hallway to hold everyday items or to clear out the clutter on those days when you bring home way too much. Bookcases like this divide a room into two sections without weighing down the décor. Despite their name, bookcases aren’t exclusively for books. Embellish them with decorative objects, photos, and souvenirs from your travels—the easiest way to turn your home into a veritable museum of memories.

Make the (b)right choice

There’s nothing more effective in changing a room’s vibe than installing new lighting. That’s excellent news, considering Mobilia has plenty of affordable options. Whether you opt for the wildly inspired Nakami pendant lamp or Elaka’s minimalist sophistication, you’ll find a vast selection of light fixtures that instantly elevate and illuminate the room. Changing the lighting means changing the mood!

Smilla bedroom collection and Noda lamp

Beautiful Najini

The Najini collection features delicate natural lighting that pairs rattan with gold hardware. Its woven lampshade and cloudlike lightbulb offers the room an organic feel in contrast with its gilded bottom. The collection is timeless and exotic, providing subdued lighting for your bedroom or living area. 

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