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Your home oasis is the most beautiful place on planet Earth. The best part? It’s entirely yours. The aesthetic is more than just an escape from the stresses of everyday living; it’s all about creating a style that reflects who you are. The trend is characterized by mixing materials and textures to give it a more down-to-earth personality. It can be casual and elegant, with natural touches thrown into the mix, all of which create a space that calms and inspires.

A nature retreat

If you want to achieve a feeling of warmth, is there anything better than neutral tones and organic materials? We think not. Paint the walls of your home oasis in beige, grey, ecru, or white — calming, lighter tones have a way of brightening up a room. Wood, cotton, marble, and natural fibres also belong here, bringing us closer to our roots and grounding us in nature.

For accessorizing, choose pieces that remind you of the fluidity of water, the solemness of trees, and the gentle grass. Lay a thick, woolly rug on your living room floor — it’ll look stunning beneath a marble coffee table, next to a rounded sofa with plushy cushions and a soft throw blanket. Your bedroom is the perfect opportunity to welcome in a sleek, natural wood Scandinavian bedframe. A piece like this will play off the intricate metal detailing on the end tables and the soft glow of the bedside lamps. Inspire a sense of well-being with cozy, organic materials.

Perfectly imperfect

You’re not perfect — why should you hold your home to the same unattainable standards? The home oasis thrives on imperfections and eclecticism. Rustic finishes infuse warmth. Unvarnished wood, raw wool, unpolished stone, and irregular glass have us feeling right at home with their subtle flaws. Handmade weaving, oddly shaped bubble vases, and tables made from unworked wood all remind us of the elemental, wide open spaces, and of letting ourselves go.

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We’re most comfortable in décor that suits us, that reminds us of ourselves. We’re not here for perfection — so kick up your feet on the couch and find yourself indulging in the comfort of a room that’s just alright with you.

Indira Collection

The Indira Collection is well-suited for dreaming up a serene oasis. Drawing inspiration from the rich textiles of India, the furniture in the collection is made of wood and worked metal. Each piece features the most intricate details, which create a striking contrast when paired against the straight edges of modern furniture. These complex motifs draw the eye and spark our curiosity. Indira is somewhat lightweight, and its uniqueness functions in just about any room — unique furniture in a class of its own. The Indira collection’s exotic wood and flawed finishes inspire travel and freedom like you’ve been transported elsewhere.

A home oasis is a place for you to let loose in and feel like your best self — exactly how you do when surrounded by soft materials, colours, and textures. After spending all day away, returning home should feel like a safe space. Step into your home oasis and feel the stress drain from your body, and in its place, let a peace of mind settle in for the night. Your home oasis should be restful, a home that invites us to embrace the present and warmth of the peaceful design. Rejuvenation guaranteed.

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We hope this blog post helped shed some light on this beautiful interior style. If you want more inspiration, check out our Pinterest board, below!


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