A cozy getaway awaits

The home oasis should be an escape from the hustle and bustle of daily life, an excuse to cozy up and settle in. Furniture, accessories and tones make it warm, minimalist and soothing to your soul.


Neutral colours and materials

Here, the focus is on muted tones like beiges, whites, and greys. To achieve the look, we’re also counting on organic materials such as cotton, wood, rattan and marble that keep us rooted in nature.


Beauty in imperfection

Opt for imperfect pieces with rustic and artisanal finishes to achieve an organic look that goes hand in hand with the home oasis concept. Rugs spun in natural fibres, lived-in leathers and curved furniture are all found here.


Create your own serene sanctuary

Using our DESIGN tool: adjust the size of your room, choose the colour of your walls and floors... and off you go!

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