Have a seat!

If your kitchen or dining room table has officially become your work space and you’re set on having a traditional office chair on wheels, your best bet is one with a low back, like our Eban, because they are less obtrusive. And since we are seeing more and more dining room chairs in work spaces these days, here are a few ultra-comfy models that will support you comfortably for hours on end…

If you are working at a kitchen island, select a stool with back support to ensure you can sit comfortably

The work area

If you have the space and inclination to create a dedicated work area, this article offers many home office design ideas here.

Nicolas extending dining table

The décor

With working from home now the new normal, colleagues and clients are being invited into our living spaces. Virtual meetings offer a glimpse of our décor, so we tend to be selective about what we put on display: a bookcase full of books, a piece of wall art, or a beautiful standing lamp in the background, a plant, or any other piece of modern furniture that reflects who we are.

Stealth bookcase

Every little detail matters when you are trying to create an inspiring work environment and a comfortable home office: the right furniture, proper lighting, convenient storage space – and why not add a little colour to your décor?  It is said that beauty is the promise of happiness; colour may well play a part!

Find our tips to get a home office as stylish as it is inspiring to productivity

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